First ever Cape Coral music walk on Saturday

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Cape Coral’s Duval Street neighborhood wants to be Florida’s live music destination.

They will have their first music walk on Saturday. Beginning at 2:00 p.m., music continues until 10:00 p.m., showcasing talented musicians and celebrating southwest Florida’s largest city.

Duval Street Restaurant in Cape Coral.Credits: Wink News

This area fills up with stages and vendors hoping for a large crowd to enjoy all the festivities. That is attractive.

On Fridays, the area is an empty alleyway, but Cape Coral’s first-ever musical walk brings that alleyway to life.

This is the layout of the music walk.Credits: Wink News

“We started small, but hope it grows. We want to do it the second Saturday of every month,” said John Giaquinto, owner of Duval Street.

If that happens, Cape Coral neighbors may stay in the city. Over the years, many of them have hit the Fort Myers Music Walk for live entertainment.

Giaquinto told WINK News he hopes the event will showcase the fun of Cape Coral.

“We just want people to go out and have fun and say, ‘Hey, Cape Coral has something for you,'” Jaquinto said.

The goal is to eventually expand from two live bands.

Duval Street.Credits: Wink News

For lineups of all genres. Bill Keister owns Big 8 BBQ, two doors down from Duval Street.

“People love live bands. You know, Merrick next door has bands at lunchtime and all season long,” Keyster said. “This area has a live band every night.”

And while Keyster didn’t get the chance to attend Saturday’s first event, that didn’t deter him.

“There’s a band tomorrow night. The trolley’s coming through,” said Keyster.

Keister, like many other Cape Coral businesses, will participate in the following businesses:

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