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it’s hard to From Justin Bieber to Tove Lo to his sister Billie Eilish, multi-time Grammy Award-winning songwriter, producer and musician Finneas O’Connell has never doubted a successful career in music. Following his first live concert, The Green His Day Show, which Finneas performed when he was eleven years old, he decided he wanted to pursue this profession.

“I remember thinking, ‘This is clearly the best job,'” Phineas says. “And it never left me.”

Throughout the rest of his childhood, Phineas honed his craft, emphasizing his self-dubbing mission. “I just defined being a professional musician as someone who didn’t have to do another job. It was like a dream,” Phineas says. And I didn’t know what it would look like. I was thinking maybe it would be being an assistant engineer or working as someone’s guitar tech or something like that. But it was my dream to be able to write songs and make a living. ”

Speaking to Rolling Stone after a turbulent year that included Billie Eilish’s world tour, Oscar and Golden Globe wins, and her Coachella debut, Finneas spoke about his career milestones, songwriting, and more. I considered the technique of composition and the influence from the artist.Some have been cited as pioneers of Audible words + music series.

The 32-volume Audible Original series is a listening experience that spans genres and generations, with musicians from Billie Joe Armstrong to Brandy sharing their personal stories, interweaving their own performances. words + music It especially resonated with Phineas.


“I loved hearing the background and backstory of songs I’ve loved for a long time, and it made me realize that his career must have been through that for the first time,” Phineas said of Beck. words + music“As just a listener of music, I think he makes it for good reasons: self-expression, fun and fulfillment. To me, that’s why you should make art.”

Watch highlights from my conversation with Phineas above to discover the full story words + music Audible series.

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