Fatboy Slim: ‘I was a hardcore punk rocker’

Tonight at 1am on Radio 2, dance music legend Fatboy Slim will reveal the songs that most influenced his incredible music career on Radio 2 and BBC Sounds’ Mixing Influences… With Fatboy Slim. I choose.

He talks about his school days, his punk days, bands he saw live, records he found in record stores, songs on the radio that stopped him, and the show also included songs by Donna Summer and The Carpenters. , The Damned, The Clash, The Chemical Brothers.

About The Damned: “After 13 years of being fed the Carpenters, my brother Simon brought punk rock home. By the time the song was over, I was buying records from him. I was becoming a punk rocker, the sound of rebellion I wanted in my life.”

About The Chemical Brothers: “Tom and Ed were introduced to us by Lindy Leighton, who was in a band called Beat International. I was told that I knew I played a set that slowed down techno and sped up hip hop…there are others in London called The Chemical Brothers. It was like meeting a long-lost family member who didn’t.”

About The Clash: “I was a hardcore punk rocker. Yet the only gang in town was The Clash. They weren’t afraid to mix different genres of music. They really educated me, and the feeling of being the only white person in the reggae audience turned into the feeling of being the only white person in the hip-hop audience. It resonated.”

The program is a wonderful mix of music from different eras, different countries and different genres: soul, hip-hop, reggae, disco, blues, funk, punk, pop and of course dance. , helped make Fatboy Slim one of the world’s most successful and beloved DJs.

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