Extreme Announce First New Album in 15 Years, Release Driving New Song ‘Rise’

Welcome back, Extreme! The band released their first new studio album in 15 years. sixand also shared a driving, gritty rocker called “Rise,” the first single from the next set.

Speaking about the band’s new anthem, singer Gary Cherone said: Lyrically, it’s a didactic tale about the rise and fall of fame. If you make it to the top, they will rip and tear you apart. That is the nature of the beast. ”

The stars seem to be lining up for Extreme’s return after their appearance. Stranger Things, Season 4 The soundtrack pushed them back into the spotlight. Another reason to come back after all this time is their redefinition to their craft. has no intention of succeeding to the throne, but felt a responsibility to keep his guitar playing alive, so you hear a lot of fire on records.

And speaking of Van Halen, former Eddie Van Halen frontman Gary Cherone adds: We are not competing with anyone else, but we are striving to outdo ourselves. There are some moments on this album where we did. We could be together for years. When I stand on stage or in the studio, I feel like I can prove something. So I think some of these songs are some of the best we’ve written. ”

“Rise” is the lead single from the record, but fans have added more variety to the record, including “Other Side of the Rainbow,” “#Rebel,” and “X Out,” contributing to the album’s success. That said, Bettencourt, who also produced the album, says it’s wise not to try to organize the record on the basis of a few songs.

“If you think an Extreme album is two or three songs, it’s not,” he explains. “That’s true of every record we’ve ever done. True Extreme. His fans know to ‘expect the unexpected.’ I feel like I need a good old school rock album. six It’s definitely modern, but you can put on your headphones and take a trip from top to bottom. It’s like Extreme 2.0. ”

Extreme’s aptly titled sixth album, Six, will be released on June 9 via earMusic. You can listen to lead single “Rise” below and check out the album artwork and track listing. six album. Stay tuned for tour news coming soon.

In other recent extreme news, guitarist Nuno Bettencourt recently had the chance to perform on one of the world’s biggest stages. He provided guitar support as part of Rihanna’s band at the Super Bowl halftime show. I made other appearances during.

Extreme “Rise”

radical, six Album Artwork + Track List

extreme, six album


1. Rise
2. #rebel
3. Banshee
4. Over the Rainbow
5. Small Town Beautiful
6. Mask
7. Sicker Than Blood
8. Save Me
9. Hurricane
10.X out
11. Beautiful Girls
12. To the losers

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