Experts Explain How To Understand Music Fan Analytics

(Hypebot) — Helena Kosinski and Jaime Marconette, executives at entertainment data company Luminate, share tips on how to use the power of numbers to build your fan base.

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As an artist, it takes effort to stand out in this digital world, and we know that understanding the data surrounding your music is one of the keys to success. Navigating the seemingly endless world of analytics can feel like a daunting task, but as explained in a recent episode of the Co.Lab Sessions podcast, entertainment data company Luminate The team at has some valuable tips to make it easier.

“Understand who you are dealing with [your] Music from 30 countries around the world is powerful information,” says Helena Kosinski, Luminate Global VP. “Knowing what to see and how best to use it will help you make the most efficient decisions from the beginning of your career.”

Understand your analytics, understand your fans

Jaime Marconette, Senior Director of Music Insights and Industry Relations at Luminate, said: “Whether it’s a stream, post, comment and share likes. [are] behavioral indicators and [they are] tremendously important. ”

Kosinski believes artists need to embrace this environment. “This ability to communicate directly with fans is something we really value, even if it feels a little overkill at times.”

Additionally, numbers can reveal the difference between fans and followers. “You can have a million followers on Instagram, or you can have connections on various social media platforms. “What you’re looking for is a small core group of fans who follow you, listen to your records, go to your live gigs and buy your merchandise. Understand your level of engagement.” That’s as important as the number of followers.”

Data equals smart goals

Many artists dream of going viral, but Marconette insists it shouldn’t be the ultimate goal. Instead, she suggests, you should use data to set long-term goals and focus on achieving them.

“You can’t really have an overall marketing strategy. [about going] because it’s viral

After all, virality comes from fan reaction.

It’s hard to predict. It’s about setting goals,” Marconette says. “If you want to build your own body

For followers, it might be “I want to get 1000 people a month.” Also, reassess those goals regularly and say, “Can we go a little further?” Where can I dig deeper?

Collaboration boosts your fanbase

Kosinski, who specializes in researching international music trends, says collaboration is “one of the most powerful things an artist can do to grow their fan base.”

“We are seeing more and more artists from different genres, artists from different countries, artists who speak, sing and perform in different languages ​​working together.

collaboration [both] Big or small, it really helped artists grow beyond their fan base and go abroad,” she says.

Kosinski also shared that crossover success can be easily measured. “It’s shown not only in the growing volume of streams across your catalog, but also in engagement, other social his networks and other areas of your musical life. Monthly listeners are [also] Part of it. “

Listen to the Fanalytics episode of the Co.Lab session.

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