[EXCLUSIVE] [PHOTOS] STAYC talks music and artistry, gives a piece of advice to young people, and more during press conference

STAYC held their first solo fan meeting in Manila, Philippines on December 3rd. Prior to the event, the girls took time to answer questions from the media.

Since we haven’t been here, we wanted to thank our Filipino fans for a long time.”, STAYC relayed.

To the question about the Philippines that I asked before going to the Philippines, fear Said, “I hadn’t heard much about the Philippines, but I certainly knew that Filipinos love K-Pop and STAYC. Because when we arrived in the Philippines at the airport, so many fans greeted us and we were really touched. I am happy to be here. I would like to thank her SWITH in the Philippines..”

Regarding their feelings about finally being able to perform live, the two said, “I’m grateful that I was able to communicate with the fans, perform on stage, and receive energy.”

we feel worse than hardWhen asked, “What’s it like to debut in the middle of a pandemic?” the girls said.Since I wasn’t able to actually show the fans my performance on stage, I wanted to meet and talk to them directly at the fan signing event. I felt very sad and sorry that we had to meet only by video call.

STAYC described their music as having a positive energy that makes the body and mind healthy.”We want them to have better mental existence and physical health..”

J. And I gave a word of advice to young people who look up to them.”We believe that anything is possible. If you really do your best, of course you will run through without losing until the end.So don’t lose hope, run and aim.”

Check out the photos from STAYC’s fan meeting below!

Photo Credit: Sophia Seyson

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