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Aankhon Mein Teri has been a popular song since its release in 2007. Her KK-sung song, part of the movie Om Shanti Om, still leaves a warm feeling in my heart. Not only the lyrics, but also the soulful singing voice grabbed people’s hearts and won’t let go. Perhaps that’s why there are so many videos on the internet related to this song. It has the latest inclusions and shows great things. The clip only captures the song’s vocals without the music. Perhaps the unusual editing of this song will give you goosebumps.

A digital content creator named Raymuse shared this version of the song on Instagram. They shared lines from the song as captions. The video opens, shows the song playing, and the content creator turns off his background music one by one. And the end result is incredible.

Watch the video:

The video was posted on December 4th. Since being shared, the clip has garnered nearly 9.4 million views of his, and that number is only going up. In addition, many people have commented on this video.

Here are the people who posted in the comments:

“This song didn’t even need music in the first place,” Instagram expressed. “Of course bro, it’s KK,” another posted. “Without the background music, it sounds more emotional,” he commented by a third. “Is this just me..or is someone else listening to the music even after it stops..his voice magic,” writes the fourth.

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