Europe’s Spotify Wrapped: The most listened to music across the bloc

Wrapped Spotify has become an annual mainstay for even the most discerning music lovers.

The massive amount of data collection enabled by our app culture allows companies like Spotify to identify trends and spy on them. Sorry to surprise you with the bops we listen to the most. Share your top tracks. No matter how smug or ashamed they are.

In 2022, Bad Bunny tops the list of most listened to artists. Spotify three years in a row Taylor Swift Reaching 2nd place, she won Midnights and Red (Taylor version).

Other top 5 contenders are Canadians Drake and The Weeknd, also k-pop sensations BTS.

The most played songs in 2022 harry styles “As It Was” and “Heat Waves” by British indie rock band Glass Animals came in second.

Australian artist The Kid Laroy and Justin Bieber’s collaboration on ‘STAY’ reached No. 3 with Bad Bunny’s ‘Me Porto Bonito’ feat. Chencho Corleon and “Tití Me Preguntó” came in fourth and his fifth respectively.

Taylor Swift was only the second Swift in the world, IrelandUK and Slovenia We asked because we were able to put her in the top spot in her home country. What are the top 5 differences between different European countries?

In the age of soft power, what can we learn from the country’s Spotify Wrapped?


in the England they kept it simple. The dominance of English music may explain the high number of English-speaking artists in the world’s top spots, with many British listeners enjoying his Swift, Drake and Styles of top his artists. I can also explain why.

Basic Brits have their Ed Sheeran tastes too, but it’s not all bad news, with down-to-earth northern boy Sam Fender coming in at number five and the surreal queen returning Kate Bush Thanks to the star turn of Netflix’s hit “Running Up That Hill” “Stranger Things”.

Here are the UK’s most listened to artists in 2022:

1 Taylor Swift

2 Drake

3 Ed Sheeran

4 Harry Styles

5 Kanye West

Here are the UK’s most listened songs in 2022:

1 Harry Styles, as it is

2 glass animals, heat wave

3 Dave, Starlight

4 Kate Bush, Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God)

5 Sam Fender, Seventeen Going Under


The French are people who are particular about how they make their traditions. bread to them languagebut the popularity of French rappers is often overlooked.

French music may not cross over to other countries often, but in addition to the fraternity of French rap stars such as Jul, Damso and PNL, both Gazo and Ninho have shared songs with top artists. featuring and dominating the domestic music market.

Here are the most listened to artists in France in 2022:

July 1

2 Nest

3 gauze

4 Damso

5 profit and loss

Here are the most listened songs in France in 2022:

1 nest, chief

2 Alonzo, All Is Well (feat. Ninho & Naps)

3 Timal, filtered

4 Nest, VVS

5 Gazo, THE


of Switzerland They are notoriously neutral and seem to apply this bland approach to their musical tastes as well.

Ed Sheeran took the top spot, followed by Justin Bieber, another common white man, in third place. Global favorites Drake and The Weeknd took his second and fourth spots respectively, while Swiss and Chilean music producer Luciano was selected as his fifth.

When it comes to the most popular songs, the Swiss play it safe again with “Heat Waves,” “As it Was,” and “Shivers,” while Puerto Rican singer Farruco’s club-bop “Pepas” takes on a more international flavor. bring.

Here are the most listened to artists in Switzerland in 2022:

1 Ed Sheeran

2 Drake

3 Justin Bieber

4 The Weeknd

5 Luciano

Here are the most listened songs in Switzerland in 2022:

1 Glass Animal, Heatwave

2 Harry Styles, as it is

3 Callum Scott and the Lost Frequency, Where Are You Now

4 Falco, Pepas

5 Ed Sheeran, Shivers


Poles gave a lot of help Ukrainians fleeing war This year, though, their nationalistic streak definitely came through on Spotify’s rap. have a lot of love for polishing All of the top 5 musicians and songs are artists from their Eastern European homelands.

Poland’s thriving rap and hip-hop scene will be boosted by the participation of White 2115, SB Maffija, Oki and Mata. The only non-rapper to make it into the Top 5 Polish Artists was indie pop artist Sanah, whose lyrical piano music made him number two.

The top five heard were slightly different in the form of German-Polish rappers, but were also locally sourced. Afghanistan Origin Malik Montana captivated listeners from Warsaw to Lublin with the track ‘jetlag’.

Here are the most listened to artists in Poland in 2022:

1 white 2115

2 Sana

three women

4 SB Mafia

5 big tree

Here are the most listened songs in Poland in 2022:

1 SB Mafia, Lavender

2 Mr. Poland, Golden Terrace

3 Malik Montana, Jetlag (feat. The Plug)

4 Sana, Last Hope

5 matt, sapphire


Turkey has become a battleground between music and pop culture. pop star When reality show Accused of blasphemy, the novelist is tried for treason.

Turkish rap continues to strangle the bridge-to-Europe music scene. middle east The top 5 artists UZI, Cakal, Ezhel, Lvbel C5 and Sefo are all masters of the genre.

Electronic act KÖFN and singer Güneş spent the night on the field, but the top five listened tracks are dominated by native rappers alike.

Here are the most listened to artists in Turkey in 2022:

1 maggot

2 he waited

3 Ezer

4 level C5

5 Chief

Here are the most listened tracks in Turkey in 2022:

1 KÖFN, only I can understand

2 Uzziah, son of God

3 Jackal, help me

4 Uzi, paparazzi

5 The sun is one of my sins


Staring Portuguese It looks like the top 5 artists are under the spell of speaking English. American Taylor Swift, Brit’s Ed Sheeran, Canadians Drake and The Weeknd dominate the list, while Brazilian singer-songwriter Luann Santana is the only Portuguese speaker.

But the list of top songs includes Portuguese-speaking artists PEDRO SAMPAIO, Xamã, Ivandro and, of course, Harry Styles’ “As It Was.”Superiority of Brazil The music industry for Portuguese audiences is ironic for the country’s former colony to G20 presidency.

Here are the most listened to artists in Portugal in 2022:

1 The Weeknd

2 Drake

3 Taylor Swift

4 Luan Santana

5 Ed Sheeran

Here are the most listened songs in Portugal in 2022:

1 Pedro Sampaio, dancer

2 Shaman, Bad Guy 3

3 Harry Styles, as it is

4 Ivandro, Lua

5 Pedro Sampaio, Galopa


of scandinavian Known for his melancholy love of heavy metal, Sweden It’s a recently refurbished house. ABBA When gay club A favorite Robyn, the country’s Spotify wrapped reflects this rich pop music tradition.

Boraget, Miss Lee and Veronica Maggio are all prominent pop vocalists and also feature Swedish rappers 23 and Einar. British artists Harry Styles and Ed Sheeran sneak out on top, proving that the Swedes’ love of pop extends farther south.

Here are the most listened to artists in Sweden in 2022:

1 Einar

2 Hov1

3 Ed Sheeran

4 Veronica May

5 23

Here are the most listened songs in Sweden in 2022:

1 company can’t go

2 Victor Rexel and Einar, Your Song

3 Miss Lee, X

4 Rome and Adam, Image UR

5 Harry Styles, as it is


German music taste It’s a mixed photo with Ed Sheeran, Glass Animals, and Harry Styles, all making their top listening artists and songs.

But homegrown rappers Cro and Bonez MC dominate the top artists list alongside Austrian rap artist RAF Camora. Luciano, on the other hand, has been featured on both Top His Artist and Most Listened Songs of “Beautiful Girl”.he also made swiss chilean Austrian The most listened to artist list attests to his popularity in the German-speaking world.

Here are the most listened to artists in Germany in 2022:

1 Luciano

2 RAF Camorra

3 Bones MC


5 Ed Sheeran

Here are the most listened songs in Germany in 2022:

1 Luciano, beautiful girl

2 Mix/MacLeod and t-low, longing

3 DJ Robin and Apron, Layla

4 glass animals, heat wave

5 Harry Styles, as it is


Spanish speakers have no shortage of music in the world’s fourth most spoken language. Needless to say, the enduring popularity of his Bad Bunny in Puerto Rico is testament to this, with two of his tracks in the top five. Spain this year.

Fellow Puerto Ricans Lau Alejandro and Anuel AA finished second and fifth respectively, Argentinian Bizarrap has created both the Top Artists and Top Songs lists. Quevedo is the only native Spanish man to have made one of the top 5 most heard.

Here are the most listened artists in Spain in 2022:

1 Bad Bunny

2 Raw Alejandro

3 Quevedo

4 shaving

5 Anuel AA

Here are the most listened songs in Spain in 2022:

1 Bizarrap and Quevedo, Quevedo: Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. 52

2 bad bunny marmoset asked me

3 Manuel Turrizo, Bachata

4 Bad Bunny and Chencho Corleone, Mi Porto Bonito

5 Bizarrap and Tiago PZK, Tiago PZK: Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. 48

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