Elvis Costello recalls pal Burt Bacharach being unwilling to ‘negotiate’ in the studio

Elvis Costello remembered the late Burt Bacharach putting him in his place in the studio.

The fellow songwriters first met in 1989 while working in the same recording studio and have worked together for almost 30 years.

While recalling work on the 1998 LP ‘Painted From Memory’, the 68-year-old Grammy Award winner said the legendary composer was a “very caring” person, but when it came to music, he “loved you.” Line up.

In an interview with The Times, Costello said of Bacharach, who died of natural causes on February 8 at the age of 94: The surface of the song hides the power at its core. ”

He continues: “Can this he get a triplet so he can use it for three-syllable words?” ”

Costello acknowledges that such “meetings” are rare today as many artists work remotely.

he said:

“I was using a marimba with the same suspension as the marimba. [that in the Bacharach classic] “24 hours from Tulsa” as a true token of appreciation. He was in the hallway, so I asked him. ”

When asked what the hitmaker’s thoughts on “All the World Needs Now is Love,” Costello replied, “He was gentlemanly about it.”

Following the sad news of Bacharach’s passing ahead of the release of The Songs of Bacharach and Costello box set, due out March 3, Costello is devastated that the two will not be collaborating again. admitted.

He said: “I am very sad today. But Burt Bacharach means the same thing to me this morning as he did Wednesday midnight when he got the call. , or even we have to accept that we don’t have the next song we might be writing yet.I always have a hard time thinking of him in the past tense.”

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