Ed Sheeran set to play a homeless crack addict in new movie

Ed Sheeran plays a homeless drug addict in ‘Summerhood’.

‘Castle on the Hill’ hitmaker Adam Deacon was announced last year to play the role of Mystery in the upcoming film, but he underwent a dramatic makeover for a brief appearance in the action-comedy. became clear.

A source told The Sun’s Bizarre column:

“Although it was shot a while ago, work on the film is nearly complete and we hope to release it this year.

“Casting is interesting, especially because everyone wants to meet Ed. I’ve never seen it look like this.

The film also features Dennis Van Auten, Jennifer Sanders, Peter Serafinowicz, Leomie Anderson, London Hughes, Kevin Bishop, Jaime Winston, Vas Blackwood, Kovna Holdbrook-Smith, and more. I’m performing.

Adam, who also stars in and directs the film, previously promised that the film would “celebrate the diversity of life” found in modern-day East London.

Last year he said:

“More than ever, we are celebrating a different life in East London in 2022. We are not only embracing the vibrant and diverse lifestyles of living at the Council Estate in East London, but also a dark and authentic There is also.

“The film delivers explosive fun with action and comedy at every turn, while applying raw emotion and harsh realities to serious subject matter.”

Bruce of Bellstone Pictures adds:

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