Drake delivers nostalgia, teases new music at Apollo show

New York — It’s easy to forget just how many hits Drake has produced in his nearly 15-year music career. But he played an intimate concert at his Apollo theater in Harlem on Saturday, a strong reminder that it was his first ever show at the legendary venue.

During the performance, the four-time Grammy Award winner hinted that new music could be released despite releasing two albums last year.

“I’ve thought a lot in my life, but at this point, none of them have stopped me from making music for you,” Drake told the doting crowd. , I wish I could stir up more emotions for you, but I might get bored and make another one.”

The first night of two Apollo weekend shows from SiriusXM featured the 36-year-old ripping songs at a frantic pace. Most of it was just verses and choruses. Some are only familiar with his No. 1 hits. The recorded performance will air on Drake’s SiriusXM Sound 42 channel in the coming weeks.

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