Drake at the Apollo Concert Review: Setlist, Teases New Tour and Album

Drake took a “journey” through New York City through his career on Saturday night at the historic Apollo Theater with the help of 21 Savage and Harlem legend The Diplomats.

The Toronto rapper ripped through his biggest hits and deep cuts (Does Drake have a deep cut, too?), taking the stage from his childhood bedroom to record label boardrooms to New York City bodega. I changed.

Paying tribute to his roots, Drake opened the show, wearing a “Degrassi” jersey and sitting on a replica of his childhood bed, telling the crowd that he “wrote a lot of these songs.” The concert was “about gratitude,” he said, in front of his close family and friends, including Noah “40” Shebib, his mother who produced all of Drake’s albums and co-founder of OVO. played.

The show’s first act was decidedly downtempo, with Drake performing the radio-unfriendly ballads “Over My Dead Body” and “Trust Issues,” as well as the fan-favorite feeler “Marvin’s Room.” Drake wasted no time on most songs where he just sang one verse and chorus and slipped out.

Early on, the rapper found himself repeatedly urging the crowd to turn up the energy. “We’ll be there tonight, I promise,” he assured, at least to the audience in the back of the room, surprisingly tame.

But when the set changed from his mother’s basement to the boardroom, Drake rapped a man in a suit that represented the label passed down to him early in his career: “I Ever Had”, “Headlines”, “HYFR (Hell Ya Fucking Right)”.

In fact, there was an entire leg of the show filled with No. 1 songs, from “God’s Plan” to “One Dance” to “In My Feelings.” “Nice for What”, “Hotline Bling”, “Toosie Slide”, “Idol.”

With guest appearances from industry insiders and celebrities, from Kevin Durant to Ice Spice, the show had an exclusive feel. All sections from Frederick Douglass Blvd. to 125 th St. The walkway to Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Blvd. was blocked and crowds of onlookers took pictures of Apollo on his marquee and tried to land a last-minute pass. Of the dozens of cell phones that were propped up in the air throughout the show, many were not recording video but FaceTime recording with people who couldn’t get tickets. Those lucky enough to be on board were offered a complimentary commemorative T-shirt and a complimentary drink.

After the second interlude, the set turned to a Harlem street corner, with only diplomats entering the stage through the bodega’s doors. Dressed in Cam’ron’s famous pink mink, Drake joins Cam’ron, Jim Jones, Jewels Santana, and Freaky Jeeky on “I Really Mean It,” “Dipset Anthem,” and “We Fly High (Ballin).” played. Before they left the stage, Drake praised the influential New York rap collective and gifted him with a custom OVO x Dipset bracelet. It let me speak differently, walk differently, rap differently,” he said.

Then, blasting from the past to the present, Drake brought 21 Savage to a slew of songs from their 2022 collaboration, Her Loss. Standing in front of a giant neon Apollo sign, the duo traded verses on “Rich Flex,” “Privileged Rappers,” “Knife Talk,” and “Jimmy Cooks.” Between songs, they hinted at a joint his tour of the year, with Drake saying, “I’m going to be on tour this summer.” He also hinted at a solo album for 2023, assuring fans that he wouldn’t be leaving anytime soon.

Towards the end of the set, Drake gave his fans a heartfelt thank you. I know it’s going to be cool…it’s going to be like ‘Fuck Drake’…but I really appreciate all of you guys for continuing to support us.”

He continues: And maybe this year, I hope I can evoke more emotions in you.

After closing the show with “Legends,” Drake cut the music and thanked the audience again.

As proud as his rap persona is, Drake was genuinely humbled by the magnitude of this career milestone. “My name is Drake and I’m from Toronto,” he tells the audience as he concludes his 90-minute celebration from mixtape peddler to one of the world’s most successful hitmakers. , introduced himself as if he had returned to the conference room. first time.

Check out the full setlist below.

  1. over my dead body
  2. Wu Tang Forever
  3. reliability issues
  4. Marvin’s Room
  5. say something
  6. Feel No Ways
  7. training
  8. Jade
  9. dense forest
  10. karaoke
  11. best ever
  12. headline
  13. HYFR (Hell Ya Fucking Right)
  14. started from the bottom
  15. i am on
  16. no new friends
  17. energy
  18. know yourself
  19. Nonstop
  20. God’s plan
  21. laugh now cry later
  22. wait a minute we’re going home
  23. check it out
  24. one dance
  25. In My Feeling
  26. passion fruit
  27. Method 2 Sexy
  28. wait for u
  29. Large scale
  30. call my name
  31. sticky
  32. Yeva’s heartbreak
  33. I Really Mean It (With The Diplomats)
  34. Dipset Anthem (with The Diplomats)
  35. We Fly High (Ballin) (with The Diplomats)
  36. rich flex
  37. Privileged wrapper (with 21 Savage)
  38. Spin Bout You (21 Savage)
  39. Jimmy Cooks (with 21 Savage)
  40. Knife Talk (with 21 Savage)
  41. Legend

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