Dr. Dre tells ‘hateful’ Marjorie Taylor Greene: Drop my song

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene may be a fan of Dr. Dre’s music, but the Grammy-winning rapper doesn’t love Georgia Republicans who use their hits to gain attention on social media. Hmm.

Days after California Congressman Kevin McCarthy secured the House Speaker position, Green took to social media to celebrate her celebration early Saturday morning East Coast time. She tweeted a video of herself walking in slow motion and smiling at McCarthy’s election results.

“It’s time to start..they can’t stop what’s going to happen,” she said. captioned her video.

Shortly after the video was released, TMZ reported that Dre — whose real name is Andre Young — wasn’t too happy with the clip. accused of using the music of

As of Monday afternoon, Twitter removed Greene’s video from her profile.

“This media has been disabled as reported by the copyright owner,” a notice appeared in place of the video.

“I do not license my music to politicians, especially divisive and hateful figures like this,” Dre said in a statement.

His frustration didn’t end there.

Dre’s legal team sent Green a truce letter Monday afternoon, The Times confirmed. I did,” he accuses. [her] A divisive and hateful political agenda. ”

The letter claimed that Green’s use of “Still DRE” constituted copyright infringement and that the rapper “didn’t and never will.” [Greene] Permission to broadcast or disseminate his music. ”

“As a Member of Parliament, you may think you are somewhat familiar with our country’s laws. “We write because we think actual legislators should not break laws, but make laws specifically embodied in the Constitution by the Founding Fathers.”

The letter demanded that Greene “stop and stop any further unauthorized use” of Dre’s work and confirm that she complied with the request by 5 p.m. ET on Wednesday.

Shortly after Dr. Dre’s first comment on Monday, Green hit back with a sarcasm of her own.

“I appreciate the creative chord progressions, but I will never play any language of violence against your women or police officers, or any language that glorifies the life of thugs or drugs,” she told TMZ.

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