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A new lineup has appeared in Double Winter.

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The Double Winter Solstice Show is back: Released during lockdown in March 2020, double winterThe latest full-length works of it’s about our hearts Ultimately conveying the whole picture of the band, dabbled in space rock with retro psychedelics and ’50s surf sounds, with lead vocalist Holly Johnson also taking cues from Kim Deal and the Breeders’ 90s lyrical stylings. I got Prior to this long-awaited proper LP, the band had earned critical acclaim for their live shows over the years, performing at the usual Detroit bar venues and Hamtramck Labor Day FestivalThe band will wrap up 2022 after returning to the stage with a new line-up this year. double winter solstice concert and Outer Limits LoungeOf course, the show takes place during the winter solstice on December 21st, and the band may have some special surprises to mark the occasion. rachel evedreamy bands set the tone, while the usual Outer Limit Never heard of DJ? The seasonal celebration continues into the night. Tickets are available at the door.

Detroit Frequency Soundwalk: If you’re looking for a post-vacation diversion, look no further. Detroit’s own ‘313 Acid Queen’ Rebecca Goldberg She leads a series of six bimonthly soundwalks called ‘Detroit Frequency’ and her third installment will focus on the sounds and textures of the Detroit industry. Fisher body plant 21 Monday, December 26 from 2:00 pm to 3:30 pm. Originally constructed in 1919, Fisher Body Plant 21 is a 600,000-square-foot former General Motors automobile plant located on a 4.7-acre parcel owned by the City of Detroit. , has been vacant since 1993 and is located at 6051 Hastings Street. As an ecological practice, soundwalking can be a method of entertainment or inquiry, a call to action, or a meditation. Deep and active listening not only enriches and inspires creative responses in everyday life, but also influences the design of the built environment. You can register at

WEREWOLF JONES RELEASE SECOND ALBUM: Detroit punk outfit werewolf jones is a staple of the local music scene and its second album rot away This is a prime example of why. Full of energy and reckless abandon, this record is a constant ode to fortitude and glory that epitomizes the band’s remarkable growth in songwriting and musicianship since their debut. premiumThe music makes you want to lift a 12-pack from your local liquor store, shoot shotguns with strangers on the street, and laugh like crazy all the while. From Big Neck Records’ Bandcamp page: rot away It just cements them as one of the most exciting and authentic punk bands wreaking havoc in the Midwest today. Muddy, sweaty, over-partyed and sleep-deprived Werewolf Jones invites you into the dirt. The trio had his release party with friends at his UFO Factory on Friday, December 16th. toeswas also celebrating the release of their recent EP cruel winner’s worldand the whole affair was a good time.

Getting familiar with Jihoon’s electronic jazz: Detroit is the birthplace of techno and a significant influence on 20th-century jazz, so Motor City artists often draw inspiration from that era to fuse the two genres. As evidenced by all the original songs on his recent DJ-Kicks compilation, Theo Parrish takes this hybrid, genre-agnostic approach to making music (and does it very well). There seems to be an endless amount of new local his artists. jihoon is the label boss of one spokegroups of like-minded musicians often play together to create electro-jazz freeform jams.his latest offer explanationis a small collection of partially performed songs released digitally earlier this month. Eric and Omar Mehta with a remix from Thomas ShuComprised mostly of groovy keys, an equally groovy bassline, tight drum licks and some brilliant flutes, the EP is another example of the city’s fertile music scene. You can download it from the One Spoke Bandcamp page. This record can also be found in local and worldwide online record stores.

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