Doja Cat Wants to Make Hardcore Punk Music Now – ‘But Not Pop-Punk’

Doja Cat exists primarily in the world of pop, but the artist has demonstrated her desire to push boundaries over the years, with a metal performance at the 2020 MTV Europe Music Awards and last year’s Taco Bell Super Bowl. covered Hall Classic in their commercial. Doja Cat has revealed that he wants to dive deeper into the world of rock by recording punk records.

In a recent photo shoot and interview with Variety, the pop star dropped a nugget about her desire to record punk music after sharing her love for British post-punk band IDLES.

“I never meant to tell you. But I get annoyed if I don’t talk about it, so I’ll just say it now,” the singer said, adding, “I want to explore punk.”

But she quickly made it clear that she wouldn’t be the next intruder to venture into the rock world through pop punk, as some acts have done. “I feel like there are enough pop-punk artists out there right now. And if you want more, let’s have more. But I don’t think I’m the one to do that,” she explained.

“I want to explore more of that kind of raw, unfiltered hardcore punk. I just get drummers and guitarists together and do it for personal enjoyment. I don’t even know how,” she offered.

Given how well received her past rock flirtations were, Doja Cat’s hardcore punk record should be a project that would garner a lot of interest if it came to fruition.

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