Divided Naperville D203 board votes to make music classes mandatory for any student in extracurricular music group – Chicago Tribune

The Naperville District 203 School Board voted this week that only high school students in music classes can join extracurricular groups and clubs, such as marching bands and chorale groups.

Despite objections from students and parents at Monday’s meeting, the board will implement changes recommended by administrators as a way to better align the district’s music programs with state and national standards. passed 4 to 3.

Some students have the option of giving up half their lunch break to take music technique classes if they cannot sign up for an elective class.

Critics of the recommendation said it was another requirement placed on students who already had too many schedules.

Additionally, students who enjoy participating in extracurricular musical activities may give up them or take music classes when other electives may be more beneficial in applying to college or university. be forced to

Chala Holland, assistant superintendent of administrative services, admitted that staff had received negative feedback from some students, but ultimately believes the changes will benefit everyone. .

“Our goal is for everyone to enjoy our extracurricular activities,” said Holland. “(The new requirements) will help promote students who may need (more support) and help those who are further along to thrive. We are responsible for growth, but we need structure and space to grow it.”

Charles Kush, who along with board members Joseph Kosminski and Donna Wandke voted against the change, said he stands with students who feel they are already doing too much.

“Are you saying to people who already spend six to eight hours a week[in music outside of school]that it’s not enough? We ask them to do more.” he said.

Evan Lavoy, a freshman at Naperville Central High School, told the board that due to his schedule, it would be difficult to attend curriculum and lunchtime music classes.

“It doesn’t seem fair to prevent students from exploring other interests in order to participate in their favorite extracurricular activities,” Lavoie said. “This proposal requires you to also take a technical class during lunchtime.

Tyler Bresnick, a senior at Naperville North, was one of the few students at the conference to support the proposal.

“As a student, I cannot stress enough how important these changes are to the program’s success,” said Bresnick. “Marching with his band gives him limited time in the stadium, so he wastes precious time each week dealing with musical issues.”

Joseph Ruzich is a freelance reporter for the Naperville Sun.

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