Diplo Switching Genres? DJ Returns to Country Music in New Song Under the Name Thomas Wesley

Over the past few years, Diplo has released a number of banger songs like “Dat A Freak,” “XXX 88,” and “Set Me Free,” but his fans know he also likes exploring the country genre. Little did I know

According to NME, the musician has returned to a country music persona named Thomas Wesley, which is also his real name.

Diplo first introduced Wesley in 2020 after releasing “Diplo Presents Thomas Wesley Chapter 1: Snake Oil”. Today he dropped a track titled “Wasted” with collaborators his Kodak Black and his Koe Wetzel.

The recent song was accompanied by a music video directed by Austin Peters, widely known for his previous work with Major Lazer for the documentary Give Me Future.

The release of “Wasted’s” will be announced at this year’s Grammy Awards on February 5, when his self-titled record was nominated for Best Dance/Electronic Album and his song “Forget My Love” with Miguel was nominated for Best Dance/Electronic Album. It was announced after being nominated for Electronic Recording.

In another update, Diplo was photographed in Doha, Qatar in November wearing traditional Qatari dress as one of the performers at the Daydream Festival.

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Diplo’s Country Music Origins

In a previous interview with Beat Route, the EDM artist said it’s a funny coincidence that his real name is a country artist. .

However, he lost interest when he moved to the city and discovered other genres such as dance music, rap and EDM.

In the last few years, especially when Lil Nas X released ‘Old Town Road’, Diplo decided to dabble in the country scene again.

“For me, it was ‘Old Town Road’ by Lil Nas X that reignited my interest in country music. How can the Georgian man’s tenacity to break down the doors of the genre that tried to keep him out of him can’t help but impress? ? ” He said.

Despite being a well-known musician in the EDM and pop scene, Diplo admitted that country music is a difficult genre to enter.

The reason is that the genre has a lot of “traditions”, so musicians need to create music “in a way that tells people that they’re taking it seriously, even if it’s twisted.”

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