Diddy Enlists Montell Jordan, Kelis & More to Remake Their Biggest Hits for Uber One Super Bowl Commercial

Diddy doesn’t play jingles, but he certainly knows how to make hits.

That’s why Uber One tapped into the hip-hop/R&B chart topper in its 2023 Super Bowl commercial. In this commercial, Diddy enlists the help of a musician friend to help her come up with a song that’s sure to convert her customers. .

Three Uber One executives assure producers that jingles are out of the question. “We’re talking hit songs,” one of them says. “You want a hit?” Diddy said before “This Is How We Do It” singer Montell Jordan showed up at the booth for his 1995 Billboard Hot 100 No. 1 hit New Girlfriend Uber. Answer while singing the -fied version.


Watch the latest videos, charts and news

Watch the latest videos, charts and news

“Uber One can save you / With rides and food / Yeah, it’s kinda sweet,” he sings, before upcoming artist Donna Lewis takes her turn in the studio. I’ll save you forever / You can ride and eat and save anything,” she sings quietly into a microphone to the 1996 Hot 100 No. 2 track “I Love You Always Forever.” . Didi approves and happily yells “OK, Donna!”

Kelis is the next artist to step into the studio, and she’s impressed by Diddy’s beard taking shape as he puts new lyrics to his 2003 Hot 100 Top 5 hit “Milkshake.” does not seem to have received “Your milkshakes are way cheaper than they used to be/This membership is better than yours,” she sang, and Diddy asked the barber if he was a fan of milkshakes.

After “The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?)” singer Ylvis caused havoc in the booth, Diddy brought a big gun into the studio. Uber One song. “Uber One/Uber One save me, save me/More,” he snorted, much to Diddy’s delight.

Watch Diddy’s Uber One Super Bowl commercial in the video above.

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