Dickinson County teacher creates ‘band club’ as school searches for music teacher

Michigan, Norway (WLUC) – Teachers in Dickinson County go above and beyond to keep music in schools. Gail Robert is a Middle School English and Career teacher at Vulcan Middle School. Recently, she added Music Director to her resume.

“I played the piano and conducted a choir in a church. When I was in California, I conducted a children’s choir at a school,” said Robert.

Robert can’t teach his students how to play an instrument, but he can help facilitate their learning. The school district has not had a music teacher since the semester began.

In the meantime, Robert uses his spare time to start a band club with 11 students to keep the music alive.

“Two nights a week, from 3:30 to 5:00, we have a band club where we practice,” says Robert.

Friday was the annual Christmas program, with the band playing music in the lobby for arriving parents.

“I think music is essential for children,” said Robert.

Robert also taught elementary school students holiday songs for parents to enjoy.

“For some kids, music is their thing. It’s their niche. This is where they thrive,” said Robert.

The brass band includes trombone, percussion, flute, and trumpet. The school district continues to recruit applicants for music teachers. If you are interested, please call the superintendent’s office at 906-563-9552.

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