DC311 integrates Go-Go music into service request call line

Those who are looking forward to the sound of 3-1-1 DC will be delighted! DC311 integrates gogo music into his 3-1-1 calling experience.

DC’s Office of Unified Communications (OUC) and the Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR) made the announcement on Friday.

With the addition of Go-Go, when a user calls 3-1-1, DC native music will play while navigating the request service.

Selected music has been written, produced and performed by members of DPR’s Crank Music Program. According to its website, the program “provides DC high school students a hands-on experience in learning to make, perform, and manage music through DC’s native musical genre, Go-Go.”

“With Mayor Bowser’s support, programs like this are changing the landscape of stories and opportunities for young people and beginning to spread positively across communities,” said DPR Director Delano Hunter. “This program is a way to redirect energy and create a new pulse of hope.”

“We are thrilled to integrate the official music of Washington, DC into the 311 experience. It’s the perfect way to incorporate the sound of DC at its core.” Holmes.

DC311 is a 24-hour request service that allows district residents and visitors to find information and city services such as trash removal, hole repair, and bulk pickup. According to OUC, DC 311 receives approximately 1.8 million calls per year.

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