DC311 adds Go-Go music into customer service calls

DC’s Department of Parks and Recreation announced Friday that it has integrated Go-Go, the city’s official music, into the 311 caller experience.

DC’s 311 phone service plays neighborhood homegrown go-go music in the background while people navigate the service menu.

DC311 provides a one-stop service experience for residents and visitors seeking services and information in the district 24/7.

When people call 311 and request services such as bulk pickup, pot repair and trash removal via the service request system, they hear go-go selections made by the first cohort of DPR’s crank music program. said the Unified Communications Office.

“With Mayor Bowser’s support, programs like this are changing the landscape of stories and opportunities for young people and beginning to spread positively across communities,” said DPR Director Delano Hunter. “This program is a way to redirect energy and create a new pulse of hope.”

The Crank Music Program provides DC youth with hands-on experience in music production, performance, and go-go music management. According to the Office of Unified Communications, DC311 receives approximately 1.8 million calls per year.

It is an opportunity for personal and professional development, engagement, skill building and developing a young person’s sense of purpose.

“We are thrilled to integrate the official music of Washington, D.C., created and performed by Washington, D.C.’s incredibly talented youth, into the 311 experience. It’s the perfect way to incorporate it into the heart of the show,” said interim director Karima Holmes.

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