David Draiman’s All-Time Picks for Singer, Guitarist, Bassist + Drummer

Who’s going to musician Mount Rushmore? This was the question posed to Disturbed’s David Dreyman recently during a chat in Seattle with Taryn Daly of The Order’s 99.9 KISW. The vocalist chose a singer, guitarist, bassist, and drummer to deliver what makes for a killer band that’s hard to beat. .

As you’d expect with the entire history of rock on hand, it wasn’t an easy question for the singer to answer. But he stepped up to the plate admirably with some killer suggestions that rival any band we’ve ever been dying to see.

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“John Bonham, drums,” Dreymann said with minimal hesitation in naming the legend of Led Zeppelin. Moving on to the bass took some time, but the singer said: you have to give it to him. [Black Sabbath’s] Geezer Butler on bass. There’s something about the way people play strings. I don’t know how he achieves a tone like his, but oh my god. ”

“Who’s the guitarist?” Dreyman wondered, adding: [Pantera’s] dime bag [Darrell]but my head goes to someone like [Van Halen’s] Eddie Van Halen. ”

But it proved to be almost as difficult for Draiman as who was going to front this fine group of players. “When it comes to singers, there is no difference between a frontman and a great singer or frontwoman. There are a lot of them,” the vocalist mused, eventually saying: [Metallica’s] with James Hetfield [Iron Maiden’s] Bruce Dickinson. And they both have very different reasons. One is pure tonality and edge and demeanor, the other is a tremendously gifted range and prodigious ability. I don’t know, so I guess that’s enough. ”

Between drums, bass, guitar and vocalists, who would you choose as your four favorite artists of all time? Do you agree with Draiman’s choice or is there someone he left out?

You won’t get a chance to see the group together, but you can take a tour of Disturbed. Today (February 6th) they announced a major North American tour in support of Theory of a Deadman and Jinjer. Get tickets for the tour here.

David Draiman of Disturbed talks to Taryn Daly of Audacy’s 99.9 KISW Seattle

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