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Karen Gregat

The band at Rainmaker Studios in Pasco, Washington is a stunning recording studio offering recording, mixing, mastering and production services.

The members of The DavePaul5 (DP5) spent the Christmas holidays recording their first studio album. The band cut 14 original songs at Pasco’s new Rainmaker Studios.

The band gave kudos to engineer Luke Basil for running a tight ship and knowing how to get the most out of songs and singers.

DP5 are currently booking summer gigs (including a slot at American 35 in July) and building a website with the talented Suze Wood. The band has created her YouTube page, which includes videos from last year’s shows, and this winter she will have access to her music on CD and on all major streaming services.

Most importantly, the band will have a record release party at the Royal Block in the spring and another showcase at Walla Walla around the same time. DavePaul5 is Dave Woolson/vocals and guitar, Paul Gregutt/vocals and guitar, Tom Skeen/drums and percussion, Nick Bader/bass. All 14 tracks are originals written by Dave and Paul. “You may be wondering if DavePaul5 is a quartet because we dream big…and since we started as a duo we’ve seen progress,” he wrote Gregutt. I’m here.

Check out DavePaul5’s Facebook page and YouTube channel (https://youtu.be/zZ0D7mfwmY0).

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