Dave Stewart hails ‘rare jewel’ Faye Fantarrow

Dave Stewart has hailed Faye Fantalou as a “rare gem” after she released her new seven-track EP.

The 20-year-old singer’s ‘AWOL’ was released on Dave’s Bay Street Records and the former Eurythmics star believes Faye is a ‘one of a kind’ talent.

Dave, 70, who discovered the singer and has supported her work, said:

“She hails from Sunderland with a big heart, and there is no bigger heart than Faye. As a songwriter and performer, she is the quintessence of the human spirit that will make you explode with joy or cry with her.” tell a story like

“Fay is one of a kind and I love her dearly as a sister, daughter and a wonderful musical partner.”

Dave has enjoyed working with Faye on his new record and loves what Faye has to offer.

he said: He is two souls, both seeking musical freedom and constantly laughing at the joy of creativity. I love Faye Fantarou. ”

The release of the record came swiftly after Fay was diagnosed with a very rare and potentially fatal glioma brain tumor.

Last year Dave donated £50,000 to help Faye get the treatment she needs.

He previously said, “I love you and your amazing creativity. Faye, you are one of the great songwriters/artists of our time and we need you.”

Faye, meanwhile, admitted that without Dave’s financial and emotional support, the possibility of traveling to the United States for potentially life-saving treatment “would never have been an option.”

she said:

“My consultant contacted Dr. Wang in California who said the treatment was optional and was positive about the results.”

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