Dave Grohl Reveals Answer to Crown Royal Super Bowl Commercial Tease

It’s a big day and Dave Grohl is one of the stars in the Super Bowl commercial. Crown Royal recently released a video of Grohl’s teaser of him sitting behind his console in the studio. Counting a list of seemingly unrelated items, the answer is likely to be contained in the new Crown Royale’s Super Bowl commercial. Ahead of the Super Bowl, the spot surfaced and we knew the answer. It’s… Canada.

“Today, let’s thank Canada,” Grohl began, as Grohl thanked the country for giving us a musical legend, while shots of Rush, Joni Mitchell, Oscar Peterson and Celine Dion screened. Then comes Eugene Levy, Catherine O’Hara, Martin Short, and Seth Rogen to thank our “comedy heroes.”

“Thank you Canada, peanut butter, paint rollers, replays, batteries,” Grohl continues, listing “egg cartons, ironing boards, power wheelchairs,” before pulling out a whoopee cushion and squeezing it. , basketball and football,” he continues. The spot ends with Grohl posing with a glass of Crown Royal and a whiskey company banner. Read the full ad below.

Dave Grohl “Crown Royal” Super Bowl ad

Note that Grohl’s Super Bowl ad wasn’t the only one he shot for the company, nor was it the end of Crown Royal’s promotional efforts. The Foo Fighters frontman played a short acoustic set in Phoenix during a private performance at the Crescent Ballroom on Friday night (February 10th). During the performance, Grohl revealed to the audience how he was introduced to whiskey, mentioning that Crown Royal was a benefit sponsor of his performance.

“If you’re wondering why I’m here, I have had a long and fruitful relationship with Crown Royale,” said Grohl. “This is way back in time. I’m talking about the late 90’s or maybe he’s the mid 90’s. We went and played with this band called Pantera for a long time. [ago.] If you’ve spent a night with Pantera, you won’t remember. But Pantera loved Crown Royal. And they got us hooked on that Crown Royal.

“We got to the point where we started getting Crown Royal behind the scenes,” he continued. “Then we got to the point where we started bringing that fucking Crown Royale on stage. So when we were… on that record — our fourth record — there was a song called “All My Life” and a lot of shit. I wore that fucking cape while I was mixing that record. Take it. That video was shared by Pantera and can be seen below, but Dimebag Darrell’s longtime girlfriend Rita Haney also joined the show and shared behind-the-scenes and performance footage.

Other teases leading up to the Super Bowl tied the spot once again, showing Grohl practicing different ways to say “thank you.” There’s also a two-minute extended spot that’s a Royal ad spin-off. Canadian Grantis is best known for his guitar work in Prince’s 3rdeyegirl band.

The promo has Grohl back behind the studio console and Grantis in the recording booth. Grohl tells her: I’m not going to let you go all the way, but let’s see what you got.

Grantis then plays the Canadian national anthem, “Oh Canada,” in complete dazed shredder, eliciting the words “Oh My God” from Grohl’s mouth. You can see the performance below.

Dave Grohl and Donna Grantis Crown Royal Presents “O Canada”

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