Dave Gahan discussed the future of Depeche Mode with his therapist

Dave Gahan discusses Depeche Mode’s future with a therapist.

The “Enjoy the Silence” hitmakers, including Martin Gore, became a duo last year after Andy Fletcher died at age 60. At age 60, he got some advice from a therapist.

Martin, 61, tells MOJO Magazine’s new issue:

“He said he was talking to a therapist about what would happen to us. What would our new relationship look like?”

Dave admitted he wanted to be “kind” to his deceased bandmate.

Speaking of the aftermath of his death, he said:

“We were both upset. My first thought was that I should have been nicer.”

When asked what kinder means, he explained: I have something to tell Fletch. I don’t know what you’re doing, but it’s something. And maybe it’s really, really important. ”

If he and Dave had creative disagreements, Fletch would always stick with Martin.

Dave says:

“If there was a disagreement about a song or a part, Fletch would sit me down and say, ‘Fing, Dave… Martin and I were talking…’ I mean, it got really old. Why won’t Martin tell me himself?

“And that’s where we got to with the last record [2017’s ‘Spirit’].

As a result of the absence of Fletch in the room, the pair have become better at communicating and have built a “better friendship” than they ever had in their 40-year career.

Dave says:

“And it created a certain atmosphere that was a bit spiky.

“So Martin and I had to find another way. We had to find a way to communicate and be friends.”

He laughed: “Sounds strange, I know.”

The electronic duo will release Fletch’s first posthumous album, Memento Mori, on March 24.

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