Comedian Juston McKinney Year in Review 2022 coming to The Music Hall

“Caution. Caution. There is a problem with the Seabrook Nuclear Power Plant. The beach is closed. Leave the beach immediately and turn on the radio for more information.”

Most coastal residents panicked when they heard this false emergency alarm go off on loudspeakers in July. Juston McKinney has won the Gold Award for Comedy at her ‘A Year in Review 2022’ special, which opens at her The Music Hall in Portsmouth on December 26th.

Comedian Juston McKinney has an all-new show ready for him "Looking back on 2022" From December 26th at the Music Hall in Portsmouth

McKinney, who grew up in Portsmouth and Kittery, is a nationally known observational comic, appearing on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” and Conan O’Brien’s Late Show, as well as being featured on Comedy Central and Amazon Prime. “On The Bright Side” already has hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube.

As it has done every year since 2009, McKinney has created an all-new “Year in Review” show for 2022.

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