Christina Aguilera named as Ant and Dec’s worst celebrity interviewee

Christina Aguilera has been named the worst celebrity interviewee by British TV presenters Ant and Dik.

In an interview with HuffPost UK, the presenter duo named celebrities who were hesitant to attend SM:TV Live, the Saturday morning show they appeared with Cat Deeley between 1998 and 2001. I was asked to get it.

They both named the beautiful singer, and Ant claimed she refused to remove her sunglasses for a pre-recorded interview.

“She sat in the shade and didn’t take it off. She didn’t want to do it live, so it was a pre-recorded interview,” he recalled. It showed something, and it turned out to be a bad interview.”

Dec said that during his time as presenter there were “very few bad celebs”, but that some guests caused riders to have “a big old stench” or a list of demands that had to be met as conditions. I was. Appearance on the program.

“I remember Jennifer Lopez coming down and seeing all six changing rooms and room temperature Evian, all the riders and staff,” Deck said. “She was really nice, but there was that old stench around the studio: ‘She needs this, she needs that.’ There were very few bad celebs. But there were a lot of interesting riders and staff.”

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