Chris Ledesma, The Simpsons’ Longtime Music Editor, Dead at 64

Music Editor Chris Ledesma simpsons 33 seasons, died at the age of 64.

Ledesma worked on the animated sitcom from the series premiere in 1989 until she left in 2022 due to health issues. Overall, Ledesma contributed his 735 episodes. simpsons Also in multiple shorts and other specials. He documented much of his work on his blog called The Simpsons Music 500.

In a 2013 video profile for SAE Institute USA, Ledesma explained her role. simpsonsLedesma, who works mainly with long-time composer Alf Clausen, said: The composer plans the music, and I’m the technician, making sure the music fits into the picture the way we discussed it. The producer’s concerns have been addressed…and when editing the final soundtrack, including dialogue and sound effects, I represent the composers to ensure the music fits in properly. ”

simpsons As noted by fansite In the News, Ledesma was honored with a tribute card at the end of Sunday’s episode.

Several of Ledesma’s former colleagues paid tribute to him on Twitter. was one of the Said previous simpsons Producer and writer Josh Weinstein.

Jake Schaefer, who succeeded Ledesma as the show’s music editor, murmured“Chris Ledesma’s Passion for Music and simpsons It was an inspiration. I am grateful for spending time with him this year. He was a great leader and a man of integrity. my heart goes out to his family. ”

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