Carole & Tuesday’s Music Held the Anime Back From Being Iconic

Despite being an anime that revolves around music, there is one key factor that has prevented Carole & Tuesday from making such an impact.

Produced and directed by Shinichiro Watanabe cowboy bebop fame, Carole & Tuesday is a 24-episode original anime that began airing in April 2019. Animated by Studio Bones and streamed exclusively on Netflix in most western territories.

Watanabe’s anime is known for having impactful soundtracks in his work and contributing greatly to the story. Carole & Tuesdaydid not have the impact that most other Watanabe-led stories do. .

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What is Carole & Tuesday?

carol and tuesday

In the distant future, when Earth has colonized Mars, a young girl named Tuesday leaves home with only one suitcase and some clothes. Meanwhile, another girl named Carol has just been fired from her job and she has nothing to do and she decides to play music on the street.

It is here that Tuesday meets Carol for the first time, and the two quickly bond and become best friends. Together, the two girls pair up and do their best to break into the music industry.

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How the Girls’ Music Connects to the Story of Carol and Tuesday

Carole and Tuesday's First Recorded Performance

The main plot centers around Carole and Tuesday trying to make it big as music artists, so naturally there are quite a few songs scattered throughout the series. In the first half of the story, the girls sometimes participate in American Idol-esque contests, allowing other characters to showcase their musical talents as well. Not as good as one might expect from a musical. music sound Also la la land.

All songs played throughout Carole & Tuesday Rather than suddenly singing when people are emotionally high, it is treated as an actual performance. For example, “Lonely Girl” was played during the girls’ first viral performance, “Round & Laundry” was sung by girls waiting for their laundry to finish, and “Mother” was played in front of millions of viewers. is played and streamed. All songs carry some weight to most of the characters, but they don’t necessarily move the story forward the way musical songs do.

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Carole & Tuesday Soundtrack Too Safe To Be Memorable

Written by Carole and Tuesday

what makes Carole & TuesdayWhat’s interesting is that they are all sung in English by actual English speaking artists. So despite being written entirely in English, most of the songs sound like something you’d find on the top charts of American Billboard. But whether it’s good or not, and the quality of the music itself is purely subjective.

On its own, a song can easily stand on its own as a completely independent medium.They’re easy to hear and certainly pleasing to the ear, but most of them are also quite safe. Carole & Tuesdayapart from the soundtrack of cowboy bebop When samurai champlooThis isn’t helped by the show itself being pretty lackluster in terms of writing.

Carole & Tuesday It has some good ideas and fun characters, but isn’t executed well enough to establish itself as a memorable show. There are at least a few well-choreographed performances.

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