Cardi B Seemingly Steps Into Offset & J Prince Feud, Calls Out ‘Big Lies’

Cardi B has apparently entered the chat following a series of heated comments between her husband Offset and J Prince.

“BIG LIES,” which the rapper tweeted on Wednesday (Feb. 8), appears to be in response to J Prince’s video posted on Instagram in response to a video from Offset. In a narrated clip, he accused Migos members of being “fakes” and “playing victims”, and threatened his family.

Cardi also replied to the user who tweeted (which has since been deleted): where’s the lie ‘ She replied, ‘Never…. never tell him to show me the receipts. Are you called to? Many fairy tales.”


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Watch the latest videos, charts and news

Offset also called “Street Nigga turn [police emoji] I never needed you to stop smoking You police every mouth with no proof Just a fairy tale [laughing emoji] Let’s finish talking about this. “

The feud began when the Rap-A-Lot CEO suggested that Offset wasn’t there because of Migos’ bandmate and cousin Takeoff, 28. Before Takeoff was murdered last year in an episode of Million Dollaz Worth of Game. “In fact, the truth of the matter is na you weren’t really there when Takeoff was alive. He suggested he’s been hearing “all sorts of things” from unnamed sources about what happened the night he was killed in Prince’s hometown of Houston for a night out with Quavo. Prince also appeared to be a direct warning to Offset, saying, “Don’t put me in a position where you have to defend yourself. That’s not going to be healthy for you.”

In response, Offset posted a video of him getting visibly hot. seems to be talking about my real brother,” said Migos MC in a one-minute black-and-white clip. I don’t know you n—like from a can of paint. Not knowing how me and my brother will shake.

He also accused Prince of what he said was the “fifth interview” in which he discussed Takeoff’s death. ‘?’ ‘ asked Set. “We haven’t said anything. You’re the only one who hasn’t said anything. Who do you think you are? John Gotti, I see… And if you hear anything from me , let’s say come from me, call my phone.

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