Camila Cabello Has Toned Legs In A Lacy Nightgown In A Music Video

  • Camila Cabello stars in a new music video and gives off all sorts of cool girl vibes.
  • In the video, the 25-year-old singer showed off her super-strong legs in a lacy white nightgown while perched atop an ambulance.
  • Camila is physically active and works out with her trainer to get stronger.

Not only has Camila Cabello made headlines with Camilo’s new song “Ambrancia,” she’s also taking the time to show off her super-strong legs in the song’s new music video.

In the video, viewers see the two riding on top of an ambulance in what appears to be a romantic picnic on top of a truck. She radiates a lot of girlish energy. Her hair is just a mess and she’s very toned overall.

If you haven’t had a chance to watch the epic video yet, here it goes:

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Camilo, Camila Cabello – Ambulance (Official Video)

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Before you dive into Camila’s workout routine, take a moment to appreciate her body positivity. The star has spoken a lot about the impact her constant paparazzi photos have on her, long notes for social media Deal with people who took pictures of her in a bikini while on vacation.

“I knew I would ‘look good’ in the photos and thought I would feel accomplished, but I have never had the worst time at the beach,” she wrote in the caption. The idea of ​​the culture that became my idea.

Everyone was rooting for Camila, who used her platform to call out toxic body image expectations.

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Camila has been feeling strong AF when working with celebrity trainer Jenna Willis, and the two have been going strong together over the last few years. Based on a video dropped by Jenna IG Story, Camilla sweats these. In one video, Camila uses her hands to get into a plank position, do her push-ups, and back down. It’s no joke.

She’s also quite the dancer and is a great way to get some cardio done while toning her core and legs. Plus it’s a really fun way to incorporate a few moves into your day:

When it comes to food, Camila loves chocolate and Hawaiian pizza. At least according to some, she doesn’t really like coffee or tea. buzzfeed It’s an interview, but she likes pasta. I mean, who wouldn’t?!

Go, Camilla, go!

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