C-Pop Artist Chenyu Hua’s New Album Won NetEase Cloud Music’s Best-selling Digital Album of 2022 With Over 760,000 Copies Sold

Hangzhou, China, January 2, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Cloud Music Inc. (HKEX: 9899, ​​”NetEase Cloud Music” or the “Company”), China’s leading interactive music streaming service provider, today announced top C-pop artist Chenyu Hua’s new album sales announced an increase. has surpassed his RMB 20 million (over 760,000 copies sold) on NetEase Cloud Music as of December 31, 2022, and his 2022 on the platform less than two weeks after his official debut. It topped the annual album sales chart in 2011.

Chenyu Hua’s fifth album, Xiwang Hope, was an immediate success after its launch on NetEase Cloud Music in December 2022, selling over 100,000 copies and selling 35 copies within a minute of its initial sale. Sold over 300,000 copies in minutes. As of the end of 2022, New Her albums have sold over her 760,000 copies, with total sales exceeding her RMB 20 million. Not only did it win the best-selling digital album of 2022, it also became the 4th best-selling digital album of all time on NetEase Cloud Music’s sales chart. Within two weeks, the newly released album quickly secured her fourth position as the best-selling digital album of 2022 (total sales) across all online music channels in China. According to a third party database[1].

This album is an even deeper cooperation between Chenyu Hua and NetEase Cloud Music. Previously, Chenyu Hua’s fourth album “New World” won NetEase Cloud Music’s “Best Selling Digital Album of 2020” honor. The total sales of his albums launched on NetEase Cloud Music in April 2020 have reached about RMB 37 million (about 1.85 million copies sold) to date.

As a pioneering and talented musician with a huge fan base in China, Chenyu Hua enjoys a huge following base of over 6.5 million people within NetEase Cloud Music. Encouraged by a unique and engaging music-inspired community on a platform that allows users to express themselves and interact with others, Chenyu Hua’s albums will reach out to his fans and wider audience. Between both tiers, over 100,000 and 110,000 sparked heated debates that integrated emotional experience and resonance. Below his two latest albums on NetEase Cloud Music, you’ll find comments for each.

Chenyu Hua’s Continual Top Performance in Digital Album Sales Demonstrates Widespread Recognition for the Artistic Creativity and Expressiveness of His Music, as well as NetEase Cloud Music’s High-Quality and Engaging Audience . These young generation of music lovers on the platform not only enjoy classical music, but also actively explore different musical styles, appreciate works by pioneering artists like Chenyu Hua, etc. and tend to have evolving musical tastes. The sales record is further bolstered by users’ growing willingness to pay for NetEase Cloud Music’s premium his content. Users are keen to express their appreciation and support for the music they love.

As one of China’s leading online music platforms, NetEase Cloud Music has long been a favorite online destination for music lovers, especially among the younger generation, to enjoy vast content across a wide range of genres. . NetEase Cloud Music’s Top 10 Best Selling Digital Albums of 2022 spans diverse music categories including C-pop, K-pop, Western pop, Chinese folk, alternative rock, etc., and also shows users’ personalized music tastes. increase. As a lucrative genre of the platform. Among the lists are C-pop artist Chenyu Hua’s ‘Xiwang Hope’ and K-pop girl band (G)I-DLE’s ‘I Love’ and ‘I NEVER DIE’, both of which are platforms. . Chinese folk musician Leijiao’s ‘Shuqian Street Teen’ and Taylor’s Swift’s ‘Midnights (3am Edition)’ have the most sales from his NetEase Cloud Music than any other single online his platform was recorded. Launched in 2020 by his band Omnipotent Youth Society, alternative rock ‘Inside the Cable Temple’ also made the list for 2022, garnering the support of an engaging and supportive rock fan base on the platform. . With the mission of providing more quality content to Chinese music lovers, NetEase Cloud Music is dedicated to enhancing the platform’s content library to meet diverse and evolving audience preferences.

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