Brots presents the world’s first Music NFT Exhibition during Milan Music Week

The exhibition space created by REALITY IS__ provided an opportunity for visitors to discover music NFTs by pioneering artists from Asian fake record labels.

milan, December 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Music NFT Mobile App Brots hosted the first-ever Music NFT experience as part of a new collaboration with REALITY IS__. Londonbased design studio and Asia-based independent record label Asian Fake milan.

installation you can see Youtubeprovided a unique opportunity for visitors to participate in music NFTs in an immersive way. educated.

The music NFT experience was titled “//REFRACTED SOUND” and featured tracks from pioneering Asian fake record label artists GINEVRA, Deriansky and ALDA. A different visual artist created a video for each song, demonstrating different techniques and fields for each, demonstrating the versatility and capabilities of NFTs.

“//REFRACTED SOUND was a great opportunity to raise awareness about music NFTs and how they can help the industry. The initiative also marked the beginning of our partnership with innovative label Asian Fake. We look forward to welcoming all of their artists to our platform.” Alessandro MarinBrots co-founder and CEO explains.

“Using music as a focal point, //REFRACTED SOUND combines AV content and scenarios to create an instinctive listening experience. created, each featuring music from a different artist and amplified by stunning visuals.” carola betterCreative co-founder of REALITY IS__ concludes:

About Brots

Brots is a mobile app designed for non-crypto users that allows artists to release their NFT projects. The application gives everyone access to her Web3 experience, allowing you to pay in € and create an in-app wallet. Brots is experimenting with a new NFT application for the music industry to connect Web2 and Web3.


reality is __a LondonAmerica-based design studio that innovates the way we experience culture, music and technology.

About Asian Fake

Asian Fake is an independent record label based in the USA. milanwas founded in 2017 by Philip Palace When Yuri Ferioli.

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