Britney Spears ‘cut own hair’ before rare night out with friends

Britney Spears cut her hair just before a night out with friends this week.

On Monday, the pop star took to Instagram to share that she decided to trim her blonde locks before dining at Nobu restaurant with friends.

However, Britney revealed that the impromptu makeover didn’t go as planned.

“Okay, I like a little bit of mystery!!! Well, last night before I went out to Nobu for the second time… I was hungry!!! Cut my own hair!!! Like,” she wrote in the caption. “All of my hair was curly and not straight at all!!! ‘s hair is longer than it was before I cut it!!!

Britney has yet to post any photos of her new look.

She shared a snap of her posing with some buddies in front of a giant tree, pointing out “another mystery.”

“Me and my friends went to see my favorite tree last night!!! We take pictures together every year!!! Was it a big tree??? Hmmm (sic)!!!” the 41-year-old thought.

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