Brian May: Queen got irritated by crowds singing every line to their songs

Queen were “frustrated” by crowds singing all the lyrics to their songs.

Guitarist Brian May admits he was frustrated because he wanted fans to hear the amazing lyrics they spent hours writing.

Brian explains to Total Guitar magazine:

We work really hard, so listen up!” But they were unstoppable.

“And on this particular night they sang every word to every song, which was pretty novel at the time. I don’t remember what I was singing or playing. They listened when Zeppelin played. They banged their heads and listened. And then I thought about our concert.

But after playing ‘We Will Rock You’ at Bingley Hall in the Midlands of England in the late ’70s, Bryan told late frontman Freddie Mercury that he should start encouraging crowds to sing along. Told. “energy”.

He continues: And I said to Freddie, “Maybe we should encourage this rather than fight it. Maybe we should harness this kind of energy that seems to be happening right now. We agreed that it was very interesting and should be experimented with.”

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