Boygenius, Deb Never, Sans Soucis: Our Favorite New Music This Month

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In just one month, 2023 is already delivering a veritable treasure trove of new music from queer musicians.

Indie rock supergroup Boisenias, made up of singer-songwriters Phoebe Bridgers, Lucy Dacus, and Julian Baker, are back with new single “$20.” The RecordUpbeat pop-rock tracks weave quirky keyboard tones with anthemic vocal melodies. The group manages to showcase the talents of all members in a seamless manner while easily avoiding the “too many cooks” scenario.

Scottish queer pop artist Joseph releases new album permanent damage On January 23rd, standout single “It’s Been A Little Heavy Lately” is a funky pop delight. A groovy bassline and crystalline synths give this disco-tinged track about making bad decisions a charming touch. If you listen closely, you can also catch a clip of Greg’s audio of his Araki’s 90s Queer Cinema Classic. totally messed up. When they fav Deb has not returned with his first release since his 2021 EP. where did the flowers go Her new song “Crutches” is an energetic and uplifting song that will surely open Omar Apollo’s tour this spring.

January was an exciting month for experimental artists as well. Ever-changing and indefinable, Xiu Xiu has released a new single from her upcoming sixteenth studio album, “Maybae Baeby.” Ignore your grief. The disturbing track is half horror soundtrack and half cryptic verse, with singer Angela So whispering about a tarantula crawling under her bed and a distant metallic screech. And Manchester’s Mandy, Indiana dropped the disjointed, electroclash-inspired ‘Injury Detail’. This Berghain-ready single has everything you want to hear at a dirty warehouse party: ominous cacophony, hypnotic rhythms, spoken-her-word-her vocals with a clinical edge.

Perhaps my personal favorite January playlist is by Italian-Congolese musician Sans Soucis. Their ’80s-inspired track, “Merchants,” is a synth his pop masterpiece that gives major Joe Jackson vibes. Warbly vintage synths lend a hefty dose of warm texture and personality to new wave-leaning tracks. Needless to say, Soucis’ vocals are very silky and pearly. If that wasn’t enough to grab your attention, this track is paired with a gorgeous animated video. We are really looking forward to what Soucis has planned for us this year.

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