‘Both Hindustani and Carnatic music are timeless in their own way’: Aruna Sairam

The legendary Carnatic vocalist who was recently awarded the Chevalier de l’Ordre Nationale du Mérite by the French government for her singing ability and contribution to the development of Indo-French relations. Aruna Sairam She further describes her journey, which began in the 1980s, as “surreal”.

“I am very happy. In fact, every award gives you a wave of satisfaction, joy and happiness that someone is recognizing your work. I would like to look back on playing in all the countries including France, back then I was carrying a big tumbler and wearing a sari to travel and perform, now everything looks surreal. But now it’s all coming together and being recognized. music Stayed at the Conservatory for three months as a visiting teacher, and gradually started performing.

Each award holds a special place in her life, says Aruna. “The award means a lot to me. And I’m sure it means a lot to the audience. Music is uncharted territory, so there comes a time when you feel overwhelmed with fatigue or confused as an artist.” Each artist’s journey is like uncharted territory.I always feel that winning an award means a lot.But it also gives me a sense of responsibility because I will never be in that confused state of mind. Because I know I can’t give in. That responsibility also helps artists like me to keep going,” says Anura. indianexpress.com With exclusive video interaction.

When asked about her newfound interest in music today, when many young artists are also leaning toward learning classical music, Aruna says that as long as children can enjoy music freely without being burdened with expectations, He says it’s a good and positive change.

“The fact that children are learning music today, the fact that parents can afford to teach music to their children, is great. I think one of the reasons is that music completely reorients a child’s mind and emotions, it gives them a different view of the world, and I think every child should experience music in some way. The problem begins when the child has goals and expectations, the whole exercise is distorted.Let your child enjoy and fall in love with music.Learn and understand music. Things are very important, but it’s also very important not to be competitive from an early age,” says Aruna.

When asked about her views on reality shows that often pit one child’s talent against another, Aruna said: But when competitive bidding and evaluation goes too far, children give themselves the wrong idea. ”

With her enthusiasm and passion for teaching the arts, she is a music school, as a faculty member to “pass on her heritage, knowledge, and passion for music to aspiring students through specially designed courses.” Became a member of Artium Academy.

“Altium has carefully selected teachers with sensitivities to deliver lessons to children. I had the opportunity to create a curriculum and interact with other teachers, I shared my learning with them in the form of masterclasses and trained them for their future work. I am amazed at these young teachers and their pursuit of excellence in teaching others Today young people are very intelligent, hardworking and enterprising. There is,” says Aruna.

Aruna, who emphasizes the core values ​​of structured learning and daily practice, says one can always raise the bar. , Hollywood, Tollywood, or any type of music, structured learning is the foundation of everything you do to feel confident in what you do. You have to take that training because you’re more cutting edge than you are. You can become proficient for a very long time just by doing

Confessed moviegoers and bookworms MS Subbrakshmi, and Lata Mangeshkar is a “legacy creator” who still has a lot to learn. “Even if she listens to one Lata Mangeshkar song at a time and just listens in silence, there is so much to appreciate, learn, be inspired and be immersed in,” says Aruna, referring to her Autobiography in progress. “We’re seriously considering it, so it should happen soon,” she says.

Aruna takes pride in the fact that no country in the world boasts two major classical music systems: Hindustani and Carnatic. Due to that fact, he has no comparisons between the two that are often debated in the music world. “Carnatic is music that comes from southern India with specific aesthetics, priorities and approaches to life, given that the cultures are different. sees the same pillars of raga and tar, but the aesthetics are different, so rather than weighing which one is better, why not enjoy both as they are, both in their own way. Timeless,” concludes Aruna.

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