Books 2022: In Fighting Cancer, the Music Never Stops

Book: The Song of the Cell: An Exploration of Medicine and the New Human

Author: Siddhartha Mukherjee

judge: So model mog, President and CEO of Woodruff Arts Center

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Ever since I read Siddhartha Mukherjee’s seminal book on cancer, I have been a fan of his work. Emperor of all diseasesA widely acclaimed work that describes in layman’s terms (and in deeply researched detail) the history of the disease and our progress in treating it.

I have seen friends and loved ones battle illnesses, like almost everyone in modern life. We have seen the full range of treatments available.

We all learned in biology that cells are the “basic building blocks of life,” cell song He explains that dealing with disease requires an understanding of the peculiarities of the cells in each of the body’s specific organs and systems.

This was enlightening to me because I was fascinated by the possibilities of immunotherapy. Jimmy Carter A 90-year-old brain tumor cured patient is a good example of the effectiveness of immunotherapy in a specific case.

Despite some nitpicking about Mukherjee’s scientific details, the book contextualizes the common human experience and raises major ethical questions about our most basic right: access to health care. It was another example of a familiar piece.

Case in point: both immunotherapy and in vitro fertilization, like many breakthroughs, may be available only to the wealthiest patients, a reminder that inequalities in the healthcare system still persist, Each of us must take personal measures. Our own privileged inventory.

Overall, the most universally interesting aspect of the book is that beyond the player’s explanations that help us understand the symphony at work within each cell of our body, it’s the ability to understand today’s social norms as they were in the past. how it can help , may become obsolete in the near future as we better understand what it consists of.

In science, music never stops.

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