Bocchi The Rock! & 9 Other Great Anime About Rock Music

Anime is a niche medium. If there is anything, there may be an anime about it. From cooking to sports, anything goes for this unique medium. Of course, rock music is one of anime’s most popular niches.

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Whether it’s about a high school boy venting his anger by starting a band, or a grown man getting someone involved in a death metal scheme, there’s no shortage of anime about rock and roll music.When Botch the Rock! With unprecedented success in 2022, fans may be looking for other great anime series about their favorite music genres.

10/10 Botch the Rock! Taking over the anime world in 2022

Botch the Rock!‘s record-breaking popularity has shocked everyone in 2022, proving that an electric guitar is enough to drown out the sound of some chainsaw. Botch the Rock! follows Goto Hitori, a lonely teenage boy who loves to play the guitar.

One day, she meets Nijika, an upbeat drummer who recruited one to her band after her regular guitarist dropped out before her first concert. All members of the band become close to each other and bond with each other’s love for music.

9/10 About Healing by Given Music

Ms. Uenoyama from Given listening to music.

Given the Follow Ritsuka Uenoyama, who is obsessed with playing music. That’s when he met Mafuyu Sato, a novice guitarist who didn’t even realize that he was a genius singer. He invites Mafuyu to join his band with drummer Akihiko and bassist Haruki.

but Given the Often shoved in a box alongside other boy love anime, romance isn’t the focus of the series and doesn’t fit the subgenre’s most notorious tropes. covers emotional topics. It also has a great soundtrack for fans to listen to after finishing the show.

8/10 K-on!About five high school students aiming to become professional musicians

K-on! The cast of.

K-on! Follow five teenage girls who join their school’s light music club. A slice of life with adorable characters and a fun soundtrack. Before Yui joined, the light music club was on the verge of disbanding due to lack of members.

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Yui initially had nothing to do with the club, but after the members frantically played songs for her, she was moved by their sound. I deepened my bond with my passion for.

7/10 Legend Of Black Heaven Turns Your Guitar Into An Intergalactic Weapon

Legend of the Black Heaven

Released in 1999, Legend of the Black Heaven It follows Prince Tanaka, a man from a seemingly average family who works as a stable office worker. While his life seems rather mundane and boring, viewers get to know about his past as “Gabriel”, the leader of his band, a heavy metal known as Blackhaven.

One day, the prince’s mundane life becomes exciting again when a strange woman persuades him to pick up the guitar again and show off his skills. Little does he know that his music is the generator of an intergalactic weapon.

6/10 On-Gaku: Our sound is the story of a delinquent high school student starting a band

On-Gaku Our Sound Feature

Directed by Kenji Iwaizawa, On-Gaku: Our Sound is a movie about a group of delinquent high school students who want to start a band. They are broke and untalented, but they want to have successful music careers.

They started a band because they had nothing else to do, but they wanted to perform at local music festivals despite their lack of musical talent. As the title suggests, this is a laid-back movie about three bad guys finding their own sound and exploring who they really are through music.

5/10 Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad Proves Music Can Give Someone Purpose

Koyuki takes some time to ponder her future before meeting Ryusuke.

Beck: Mongolian Chop Corps It follows a lethargic 14-year-old boy named Yukio Tanaka. He has no dreams about his future and is aimlessly navigating his life at the beginning of the series, but after saving a dog named Beck who has been injured by a gang of gangsters. , his life changed forever.

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The dog’s owner, Rei, was very grateful to Yukio. He was also a talented guitarist and a member of a rock band. Yukio thought he would only meet Rei once, but the two meet again in the dining room. Slowly but surely, Rei convinces Yukio to join his band.

4/10 The main character of Samurai Jam wants to share his love of rock and roll with everyone

Samurai Jam Bakumatsu Rock Ryoma Close Up Anime

samurai jam Following Ryoma Sakamoto. He is very passionate about rock music and wants everyone to know about rock. So he runs around town with his electric guitar, constantly showing off his skills, even if no one wants to hear it.

Ryouma is clearly upset, so he is passionate about defying Japanese censorship. He wants to prove that rock music can bring a new era of freedom to Japan. As such, he and his bandmates are reluctant to back down.

Image of Retsuko getting angry at Aggretsuko

Retsuko has a normal office job, which she hates. across Netflix Aggretsuko, Retsuko constantly complains about her terrible job. Her boss is lazy and forces others to do his job. Other employees ignore her boss’s chauvinistic tendencies as they are desperate for promotion.

Meanwhile, Retsuko is pushing everyone else’s responsibilities onto her. Sometimes she can’t stand it anymore. So she channels her anger into aggressive death covering her metal songs at her local karaoke bar after work.

Negishi screaming at Yuri as Krauser in Detroit Metal City

detroit metal city Follow Negishi, a college graduate who gets caught up in a death metal band. Negishi wants nothing to do with death metal and prefers to listen to relaxing pop music. Unfortunately for him, the band’s vocalist Johannes Krauser II forced him to join the band.

Johannes’ public image has led people to believe that he is a demonic entity who emerged from Hell to rule Earth, and the band themselves have a reputation for being vulgar. Make a big impact on KISS detroit metal cityand it’s a hilarious comedy.

1/10 Nana is an emotional woman with an iconic stylish protagonist

Nana Osaki from Nana

Seven Follows two women with the same name who met in Tokyo and became roommates. Nana Komatsu is the least famous of the two and moves to Tokyo in hopes of living with her boyfriend. I moved to Tokyo for

Seven is a critically acclaimed film that follows two 20-year-old women as they struggle to adjust to city life. An emotional story with a unique aesthetic that offers viewers an unforgettable experience.

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