Black Panther 2 Gets Making-Of Series for Wakanda Forever Soundtrack

This new series takes movie fans behind the scenes to experience how the sounds of the Black Panther sequel brought Wakanda to life.

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever A beautiful close-up of MCU Phase 4 on the big screen – this movie pays tribute to former actor Black Panther Chadwick Boseman, and kept hope alive with the introduction of Wakanda’s new savior, while celebrating the addition of new culture to the wider cinematic universe by introducing Namor, the King of the Tarokans. A beautiful fusion of cultures reflected in every aspect, from production design to music.To celebrate the movie soundtrack, the studio releases a new series Voices Rising: Wakanda’s Music Forever.

The studio has published a new featured article on its Twitter account to give fans a glimpse into the soundtrack’s production process. “There’s no soundtrack like it anymore,” said director Ryan Coogler. Music played a leading role in the promotion of the main story, and the presentation at Comic Con Hall H began with a soulful performance by a Senegalese singer. destroy money, was accompanied by a wider group of African musicians.Idol Rihanna Also recorded a feature song, an ode to Boseman, so did the rapper kendrick lamar for that trailer.

composition Ludwig Goransson “We’ve collected sounds from all over the world and now we’re collecting it all. All the music we’ve made… It doesn’t feel like the past. It’s like the future.” Music Mexico , recorded in London, Lagos and Los Angeles, and commented by Process Score Supervisors. Monica Sonand “Four Countries. Hundreds of Musicians. Thousands of Hours of Recording” was put together for a feature length of 2 hours and 41 minutes.

Black Panther Wakanda Forever Tenok Huerta Mejia
Image via Marvel Studios

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as a music consultant Saki Art“Wakanda’s sonic world is evolving.” Tenoch Huerta Mejia, Proudly playing the antihero Namor, aka Kukulcan, he was the feathered serpent deity of the Aztecs and, regarding the representations of different cultures on screen, said, “These movies, this music, what We create new things, beautiful things.” Talokan is now adding Mayan and Aztec cultures to the MCU, representing a wide range of superheroes to admire. “Art is the truest form of shared identity,” Goransson says.For Coogler, “Music is really a conversation. I think it’s really profound and spiritual, like so many people in the world.” Wakanda Forever Enhance the expressive power of the movie.

Voices Rising: Wakanda’s Music Forever will debut on Disney+ on February 22nd. Check out our featured article below.

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