Bizarrap & Shakira Crown Billboard Argentina Hot 100 Chart for a Fourth Week

Bizarrap and Shakira dominate the February 11th rankings with “Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. 53”. With “Vol. 38”, L-Gante (7 weeks, 2021) and “Vol. 52”, Quevedo (8 weeks in charge, from July 2022 he September).

Titles No. 2 to No. 5 start with Luck Ra’s ‘Ya No Vuelvas’ (featuring La K’Onga and Ke Personajes), followed by No. 2’s ‘Muñecas’ (TINI, La Joaqui, Steve Aoki according to ) and is stable in the same ranking. , at No. 3, Miley Cyrus’ “Flowers” at No. 4, and Chris Mj, Duki and Nikki Nicole’s “Marisola” featuring Standley at No. 5.

Additionally, Big One, Emilia, and Callejero Fino each added a new career top 10 to their Billboard Argentina account, with their first collaboration and hot shot debut of the week, “En La Intimidad,” at number nine.

Argentina’s Lil Cake secures his first Top 10 with “Mercho,” while Migrantes, also featuring Nico Valdi, climbs 14-10. This is her second Top 10 for Cumbia-based band Migrantes, and she has won her first champion in 2021 with Alicos with her first chart entry, “Si Me Tomo Una Cerveza.” Valdi is simultaneously claiming his first Top 10 on his first chart visit.

Additionally, Callejero Fino’s ‘Que Te Vaya Bien’ rallied 95-57 (up 38 positions) to win the Greatest Gainer Award.

Finally, “Quiero Creer” by Luck Ra, La TY La Ma and Rusherking at No. 38, “Por El Resto De Tu Vida” by Christian Nodal and TINI at No. 63, and Feid’s “Normal” from No.92.

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