Bill Kelliher Explains How Turnstile Is Impacting Mastodon’s Musical Direction

Mastodon’s catalog may have some pretty epic tracks, but when guitarist Bill Kelliher has his say, it’s offset by more direct and intense tunes that aren’t drawn out. The guitarist admits he feels it’s time to change things up a bit, with recent Grammy-nominated rocker Turnstile providing some of his musical inspiration. I believe you did.

“I want to write music that is insanely heavy and to the point. I’d like to move on to something a little more specific,” Kelliher told

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He said, “What I’m working on is kind of swinging out, isn’t it? I’ve been listening to a lot of turnstiles and their last record. Groon, to me, it’s fucking great. i love their guitars Their songwriting is really great. Reminds me of Bad Brains, but more modern and Janes if mixed with his addiction. ”

He then revealed that the Turnstile album revitalized his songwriting in a way. “That ticket gate record [renewed] It’s my interest to write like that,” he explained. “Well, you guys kind of bring back all the cool stuff from bands I used to listen to and respect. And that sort of thing was really popular.

ticket gate Groon The record has taken the band to new heights following its 2021 release. The album debuted at his No. 30 spot on the Billboard 200 album chart, was popular on many publications’ year-end “best of” lists, and earned him two Grammy nominations earlier this year.

Mastodon continue to tour to support 2021 album quiet and strictbut Kelliher’s comments at least make it clear that he’s gearing up for the band’s next studio album. yeah.

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