BIGHIT MUSIC Releases Statement Regarding Letters To BTS’s Jin During His Enlistment

BIGHIT MUSIC shared additional information for fans regarding BTS’ Jin’s military service period.

On January 5, BIGHIT MUSIC released a statement requesting fans to refrain from sending letters and visiting the training camp on the day of the recruit training graduation ceremony.

Please read the full statement below.



Thank you to all the fans who always love BTS. Thanks to everyone’s consideration and support, Jin of BTS enlisted in December and is currently carrying out his duties responsibly at the training center.

Thank you for your interest and support on the day of enlistment. During Jin’s military service, we would like to share additional information that fans should be aware of.

Jin is placed in a specially designated training center for military training alongside regular military personnel. easier. Please refrain from sending by email. BIGHIT MUSIC helps Jin see for himself all the warm messages fans have left on her Weverse with the hashtag #Dear_Jin_from_ARMY.

Please refrain from sending letters or gifts even after completing recruit training and stationed at the base.

Also, please cooperate with Jin’s recruit training graduation ceremony. We kindly ask all fans to refrain from coming to the venue to prevent problems caused by crowding. Instead, keep heartwarming cheers and parting words in mind.

We ask for your unchanging love and support until Jin returns to health after completing his military service. We will also endeavor to provide him with all the support he needs during this period.

Thank you very much.

BTS Jin enlisted as an active duty soldier on December 13th.

If you miss Jin, remember him with Rookie King: Channel BTS below.

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