Between the Buried and Me to Use Guitar Backing Track on Tour, Dustie Waring Issues Statement

Between The Buried and Me, Dustie Waring is heard but not seen on the band’s upcoming European tour. The guitarist revealed the news to his fans via social media, explaining that he needed to take some time off due to a lingering injury and that he would “solve” the problem during his break.

Here’s the ticket between the buried and me

Also in a message to fans, Waring said that while he’s not playing shows, he pre-recorded all the guitar parts for the tour so fans could hear the music the way he intended. made it clear. Run it on stage. Waring’s statement on the matter can be read below.


I want to let everyone know that I have had to make the very difficult decision to stay home during this tour in order to prioritize my health and work through a longstanding injury.

I pre-recorded the setlist parts so you can’t see me, but you can hear me. They worked really hard to put together a great setlist, so I recommend catching a show or two.

– Dusty

Between the Buried and Me are back on tour next week, kicking off their European tour on February 21st in Hamburg, Germany. The ‘Island in Limbo’ tour continues after that, dipping into the UK for a few shows, ending in Gothenberg, Sweden on April 5th. Currently, the only other show on the 2023 itinerary is an appearance at Furnace Fest in Birmingham, Alabama on September 22nd.

Tickets between Buried and Me are available here.

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