Best Rock Album Grammy By Year – Who Won + Who Should’ve Won

While metalheads have often criticized the Grammy nominees for Best Metal Performance category, the Grammy Award for Best Rock Album has been a headache for years. This list summarizes who has won each year since the Grammy for Best Rock Album was announced in 1995, up to the most recent Grammy winners, and pinpoints how right or wrong they were. to explain. that.

There have been years when the nominating bodies of the Recording Academy have done an excellent job. Not only did you nominate an act that should have won, you did a really great job with the rest of the contenders, but that may not be what you’re here for. And yes, there are years that completely confuse you with the Grammy Award winner for Best Rock Album.

And while an oft-quoted phrase associated with awards shows is “it’s just an honor to be nominated,” well, it offers some solid rock albums that didn’t even get nominated the year they entered. Have you ever heard “How?!”

Scroll down to the gallery below to see who won and should have won a Grammy each year.

Best Rock Album Grammy Awards – Who won and who should have won

What do you think of past winners?

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