Best of Milwaukee 2022: Milwaukee Music

acoustic musician

Evan Christian

Chicago-born, Milwaukee-raised musician Evan Christian studied flamenco guitar in Madrid, Spain. He mixes blues, soul and R&B with the “Spanish taste” that Jellyroll his Morton created. Wearing his trademark bowler hat, Christian regularly performs at his side of the East club, Jazz His Estate, and is rumored to own part of that club. (Blaine Schultz)


Catelyn Peak

Jake Williams

nightin’ jails

Alt country band

level grace

This group of five veteran local musicians teamed up in 2010 to become popular in the alternative country scene along with many other genres. Their take on contemporary country music has amassed a growing list of fans statewide. Check them out and lock them out. (Harry Cherkinian)


and lepien

jim gaff band

road crew

bluegrass band / folk band

whiskey bells

Last year, purists derided the Whiskey Bells for being a bluegrass band. This year, the pearl of folk music was clutched. Where will this madness end? With their traditional country-based music and not-too-serious female trio, let’s agree that they’re a familiar face at your local outdoor festival. How would you define their sound? Maybe take a cruise in February and settle for once. (Blaine Schultz)

Finalist Bluegrass:

chicken wire empire

Dairyland’s Finest String Band

Zach Pietrini

Finalist Forks:

paddy glasses

midnight shopping

blues band

Altered Five Blues Band

Bassist Mark Solveson and drummer Alan Arbor’s rhythm section deliver the music with plenty of horsepower. Jeff Schroedl’s guitar strikes like the back of a whip, and Jeff Taylor’s commanding vocals recall the toiled lyrics. Keyboardist Raymond Tevic adds details to the piano and organ. “Holler if You Hear Me” was recorded by Tom Hambridge in his 2021 Nashville. Tom Hambridge’s production includes acclaimed bluesmen such as Buddy Guy and James Cotton. (David Larsen)

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ivy ford

Johnny T. Byrd and Congressman

milwaukee blues rock collective

club DJ

Mr. New York

He may be named after the Big Apple, but Mr. New York knows how to party properly in Milwaukee. You can find them playing in open format mixes that are close to . With big city flares, Mr. New York runs every club in the city. (Allen Harras)


DJ Breezy


Rutger Kruger

cover/tribute band


The toy is a local institution in Milwaukee and, rightly, is celebrating its 25th anniversary.You name it, they play it. From 80’s dance and rock hits (dating back to the 20th century) to country and all things current, The Toys has something for everyone. (Harry Cherkinian)


failed to launch

FM Rodeo

smart mouse

electronic artist

immortal girlfriend

The duo of brothers Kevin and William Bush continue to push themselves with the subgenre of chillwave music to the Milwaukee public. Immortal Girlfriend has quickly become one of Milwaukee’s most talked-about bands, adding massive singles to its catalog this year, including “Beams (I Know You Like Me)” and “Someone Like You.” Did. (Allen Harras)


moon bow


Travie Trav

jazz combo

milwaukee jazz institute ensemble

The Milwaukee Jazz Institute takes great pride in continuing jazz traditions throughout the city. Their ensembles have many performance opportunities and musicians of all skill levels are encouraged to participate.The legacy of the city’s jazz scene lies in the hands of these talented performers, We will continue to share the gift of jazz across generations. (Elizabeth Linton)


Ellen Winters Group


J. Ryan Trio

no seat belt

metal band

still stayer

Milwaukee’s heavy rock and metal scene is gaining momentum with each passing year, and this year rockers Still Stayer left their mark on the scene with their impressive Everend EP. The band brings dense melodies, spacious atmospheres, hard-handed vocals, and has all the power of a masterful act. However, according to our readers, they have proven to be better than other bands. (Allen Harras)


Bray Lord

Imperial Fall

No Annette

Music producer

Alaria Taylor

Alaria Taylor, who has already won numerous songwriting awards in both regional and national competitions, has been passionate about not only her music, but also advancing the careers of those around her. In addition to producing her music, Taylor is the Milwaukee Director of Chick Singer Nights, a national showcase that provides a platform for female artists. (Allen Harras)


Mitch Cooper

space crime

Travie Trav

polka band


Reigning champions for the third year in a row, Squeezets honor Milwaukee’s ethnic music heritage with fun updates. It is anchored by Mike Chartley’s distinctive sousaphone and drummer/vocalist Michael Eels. Driven by her two Milwaukee-centric Baldoni accordions, Linda Mueller (lead her accordion) and Pamela Scesniak (rhythm her accordion), this polka-inspired group blends humour and tradition. increase. Where else from Milwaukee can you find a more energetic band led by ex-burlesque chanteuse to old-school torch singer Chanel Le Meaux? (Benjamin Dover)


friends of shepherd

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November Criminals

rap/hip hop artist


Hip-hop in Milwaukee has many different lanes, but D’Aych chooses to move into a lane of its own entirely. His 2022 endeavors include the release of an EP and Mogul in the Making, an audiobook focused solely on success. These releases are just the latest in a discography that now stretches back five years, capturing an ever-evolving sound along the way. D’Aych can only be seen upwards and on his way to emerge on a larger scale he has one more notch in his belt. (Allen Harras)


Black Schiffe

street team bustle

Taiyamo Denku

rock band


With high energy on stage and the chops to back it up, Tigera is a band you’ll never forget once you’ve seen them live. Quickly becoming a household name in local rock music, the band combines elements of power pop and classic rock, with plenty of catchy elements along the way. From stages on one side of the city to stages on the other, the band is on the cusp of something and certainly on its way to greatness. (Allen Harras)


Betsy Ade and the Famous Stranger

blue moon assault

diet light

fall back

vocalist – female

BD glia

BD Greer’s inspiring voice has graced many stages this year. Evoking her nostalgia for her time in Aretha Franklin, her voice boasts an unparalleled richness of tone. BD Her Greer Performing Her commitment to art makes this jazz her singer a must-see for Milwaukee music lovers. (Elizabeth Linton)


Betsy Ade

Catelyn Peak

Shanti Leone

vocalist – male

AJ Kurtz

First-time Best of Milwaukee winner AJ Kartz is the leader and founder of The Late Nites, a 7-piece Milwaukee neo-soul/funk fusion band. The sprawling group performs original music, and their song “Tonight” embodies slickness. (Blaine Schultz)


Adam Fetig

and lepien

Jake Williams

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