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Every day, we traverse the downtown area through seldom-used bike lanes, sunken sewers, and potholes, playing 15-minute tunes each way to the one and only “classic country” station. Hank Williams Sr., George Jones, Willie Nelson, Patsy Cline and the rest of the supporters and traditionalists who remember the scenic city’s smog-filled atmosphere and safe streets.

Lewis Grizard, Jr. (LG), in his publication Elvis Is Dead and I Don’t Feel So Good Myself (1984-Peachtree Publishers), said that this kind of music tells the story of America and its human emotions. I expressed my opinion that I was speaking. especially in the south.

LG has expressed a lack of love for stylistic shifts in country songs, saying that someone should start a new music brand called “Neo-County” or “Randy Rural” and want to sing with flutes, oboes and loud guitars. I suggest that anyone should start. You can ask your mother to sing embarrassing lyrics so you can go out and listen to it.

(His laments and criticisms were, in fact, harbingers of what was to come.)

Here are his preferences and recommendations:

1. George Jones sings more songs like “If drinking doesn’t kill me, her memory will die.”

2. I don’t want Kenny Rogers to sing a song like ‘Coward of the County’ ever again.”

3. Alabama shouldn’t be doing more truck-driving songs and sticking with songs like “Old Flame” and “She’s a Lady, Down on Love.”

Four. I never want to hear Jon Anderson sing Swingin’ again.When

Five. More songs like ‘Lovin’ on Your Mind’.

He gives a few more examples of classic lines in the country category.

1. “Whose fingerprints would you find if they were on your skin?”

2. “My wife just ran away from home with her best friend and I miss him.”

3. “It’s your fault that my kids are ugly.”

Four. “If you’re going to cheat on me, don’t flirt in our hometown.”

Five. It’s not love, but it’s not bad. ” When

6. And the Immortal: “I gave her the ring and she gave me the finger.”

(The eight divisions of these songs and “twang” music apply equally to both genders as to whether they are perpetrators or cheaters, or victims of such conduct or relationships.)

In a 16-page chapter entitled “They Call It Blue-Eyed Soul,” he tackles the subject from multiple angles. That delicate sensibility is sometimes interrupted and listened to by some of the commercials you hear on Saturday nights on Clear his channel WSM in Nashville, Tennessee. The Grand Ole Opry promoted the sale of the laxative Black Draft and the double meaning of the product White Rose Petroleum Jelly when it urged customers to “keep the bottle in the car.” You may have advertised.

In an unscientific diversion to the country music category, LG proposed categorizing them as follows:

1. CHEATIN SONG: She ran away.

2. Song of Love and Forgiveness: She’s Back.

3. HURTIN ‘ SONGS: Hussey ran away again.

Four. DRINKIN SONGS: Nobody cooks for me here.

Five. TRUCKIN SONGS: She runs off on the train. I think I derail that sucker.

6. Prison Song: They take derailed trains seriously in Mississippi.

7. RODEO SONGS: As soon as she got out of the hospital after the train wreck, she met the bull rider.

8. NEVER-GIVE-UP HOPE SON: I wonder if her sister still lives in Tupelo.

Another interesting thing about the country classic radio station is that one of the male announcers always talks about “twang” and uses clichés to promote local attractions in southeastern Tennessee and northwestern Georgia. .

His latest creative support for one of the historic venues accessible to the general public without having to travel long distances in an era of expensive gasoline is ‘Six Flags Over Lakeview’ for family fun. to encourage them to visit

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