Best New Holiday Music 2022: Sam Smith, Phoebe Bridgers

Each year, Mariah Carey decides when the holiday music season begins.It’s kind of true but hey no matter what billboard The Hot 100 chart shows that Christmas isn’t all about Mariah Carey (is it?) There’s actually more new holiday music from Nick Cannon and the artist who never had children (shock target!). listen. Check out our picks for the best new holiday music from the 2022 season below (and we promise there’s only one Wham! cover in the mix).

Linda Lindus “Groovy Christmas”

Is there anything these kids can’t do? Linda Linda, a teenage punk, was inspired by her holiday songs from classic her punk favorites such as Alice Bag, Red Her Cross, and Shonen Knife. They fly through generational Euletide pop culture references. the grinch who stole christmas When It’s Christmas time again, Charlie BrownPSL, and yes, it’s a song that even Mariah Carey does their best to ensure the holidays are fun. Kimmel!)

Phoebe Bridgers “So Much Wine”

Another year and a great holiday cover for benefiting nonprofits by Phoebe Bridgers. This time, Bridgers will perform “So Much Wine” by alternative country duo The Handsome Family, with proceeds going to the LGBT Center in Los Angeles. It’s a sad song about a loved one having a drinking problem and trying to make sense of it while on vacation. Because Andrew Bird joined the Bridgers.

David Byrne – “Fat Man’s Comin'”

After more than 50 years in the business, this is somehow the former Talking Heads leader’s first ever holiday song. And Byrne said he has a different type of… er… villain with this in mind. “I wouldn’t call it a Christmas song, because the visitation of Santa (formerly known as St. Nicholas, who was primarily punishing) was a more secular consumption than a religious or spiritual event. Interestingly, Byrne actually wrote the song while he was working with St. Vincent. love this giant, but thought it was not appropriate for the project (although Horn feels very much about the era). The song also benefits Reaments To Be Cheerful, Byrne’s mental health-focused non-profit publication.

Kurt Vile “Must Be Santa”

It’s Christmas in the Vile family! Kurt Vile enlisted with his two young daughters for this cover of Bob Dylan’s “Must Be Santa” (are you following?). Dylan’s Punk His Party Gone is his accordion, and in its place are breezy, upbeat synths, and diminutive Biles joins the pop.

Tkay Maidza – “December Night”

In “Nights In December,” the Zimbabwean-born Australian electro rapper shoots to recreate the atmosphere of New York City’s winter (see: beautiful, but so cold!). It sounds as much like a quintessential holiday him song as an uptempo love song that captures a year-end moment. she does it well.

Bichos – “Crismos”

London’s instrumental foursome’s new international holiday tune blends South American cumbia and Turkish psych with rippling Dick Dale-style guitars. And even though it’s mostly a song without lyrics (aside from the chant “Christmas time! Sexy times!”), it definitely has a holiday feel to it. It’s like Santa playing in his sleigh as he races to deliver presents around the world.

Kaja Bonet – “California Holiday”

part of the new california holiday ep The title track of most of the cover songs, which Bonet calls “a modern twist on the quintessentially magical Christmas story,” represents the elegant singer’s first original holiday tune. This is a milestone for Bonet, as she hasn’t been a fan of vacations until recently, but “California Holiday,” with its warm strings, retro soul drums and choral backing vocals, is what she’s meant to be. Ebenezer is shown on the other side of her Scrooge transformation.

Future Island – “Last Christmas”

We promised you Wham! Covered, now you got it. And voila, there are plenty of “Last Christmas” covers this year, but it’s the Future Island spin that does the best this time around. Maybe it’s because they don’t try to tinker with George Michael’s timeless formula too much, because it sounds like the soundtrack to his teenage holiday movie from the ’80s. But maybe that’s because Samuel T. Haring is one of the most fascinating singers on the planet. Not only is it a homage to the classics, but it is also a very faithful reproduction of the original shape.

Sam Smith “Night Before Christmas”

Sam Smith can do no wrong. The LGBTQ+ icon melted hearts with a subtle but powerful lyrical tweak to “Stay With Me” during a performance celebrating the Marriage Respect Act on the lawn of Winter White’s House. In this original Holiday HIS tune, Smith sings about a romantic evening in his living room heated by a fireplace, over lush guitars and a gentle organ. “The Night Before Christmas” is also part of Smith’s ongoing work. holly and ivy It’s a holiday compilation series, so you can expect more gems like this in the future.

Remi Wolf “Winter Wonderland”

Remi Wolf actually released two holiday singles this year. But the slots for Wham!’s “Last Christmas” cover have already been filled, so the highlight here is her take on “Winter Wonderland.” Wolfe is clearly having a grand time on this classic, turning her speakers into a very cool holiday cabaret while letting her vocal punctuation fly in elevated space.

Emily King “This Year”

If King’s New Year’s Eve song had a theme, it would be “It’s a treat!” The indie pop singer said, “…I wrote ‘This Year’ last New Year’s Eve because I realized I’d spent most of my time trying to get the attention of people who didn’t love me.” I’m here. It celebrates getting comfortable with yourself and thinking openly about your psyche first and foremost. There’s Killer Bridge, where King sings, “This year is going to be a big breakthrough, this year I’m living my best life.”

Dave Grohl & Greg Kurstin – “Spinning Wheel” (features Judd Apatow)

Grohl & Kirstin’s 2022 ‘The Hanukkah Sessions’ first song features Apatow in the lead with a cover of ‘Spinning Wheel’ from the Blood, Sweat & Tears 1968 Flower Child jam. It was a live performance at a full-blown Hanukkah session event in Los Angeles earlier this month, featuring collaborations with Beck, Pink, Karen O and more on every eight nights of Hanukkah. Apatow is a gregarious vocalist who came across the beloved Krusty the Clown to kick off a holiday special.

Greensleeves “This Could Be Christmas (Slow)”

Back in my second year, slow christmas It is a holiday comp produced by. Griffin and David Blank Check Podcast producer Ben Hosley had one request to the compilation prompt: “You have to slow down.” Artists have various interpretations of these directions. From Krampus slowcore “We Three Slow Kings” by Electric Santa, or very A slowed down Christmas story 99% invisible Podcast host Roman Mars, “A Slow Visit From St. Nicholas.” But it’s Greensleeves’ “This Could Be Christmas” that’s slowly driving by without feeling any change. Buzzing synths and heart-thumping sounds make me feel like snuggling up on the couch with a glass of Glüh’s wine after a big meal.

Some of the artists featured here are Warner Music artists. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.

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