Berkley Coffee Mixes Music with Non-Alcoholic Spirits for a Festive Sober Space

Berkley Coffee mixes music and non-alcoholic spirits for a festive and calming setting

(Sam Gerwin, December 23, 2022)

Oak Park, Michigan – An amazing hidden gem found at Berkeley Coffee in what is called the “Water Tower Social District” on the border of Berkeley and Oak Park.

The new business has been running for six months and is dedicated to bringing together a music-filled, non-alcoholic social gathering concept.

Eleven miles down a section of road is a strip mall of cool new businesses, including this coffee bar and eatery.

We originally came here to see the shining music acts at this facility, but we stayed to hear the stories behind their unique business concept.


The bands playing tonight were The Idiot Kids & Hail Alien. We spoke with the members of Hail Alien, a new experimental punk/synth band with an amazing set. Sean and Spencer form HAIL ALIEN. This experimental minimal punk rock band performs while playing songs that they actually compose.

They already have “layers” in mind in their songs. They may have played similar songs before and just build on them. They enjoy creating these layers of music.

When choosing bands and performers, Berkeley Coffee owner Kenny Scholar values ​​diversity.

“We’re breaking boundaries, aren’t we?” he said. “I like all kinds of music.”

They focus test the bands they bring in to see how they are received by customers.

A nightlife with a band usually involves drinking, but Kenny is trying to recreate the bond between music and alcohol. His bar is alcohol free. “To say you can’t have fun without alcohol is like a sick status,” he said.

We spoke to Pat, the Berkeley mother of son Andrew, drummer for The Idiot Kids. Pat says this coffee bar is a “gem”. She is a big fan of all the owners of this business as she “works hard” to grow this entertainment district.

coffee shop/social area

“There’s a lot more going on here than coffee,” Kenny said. “I grew up with music, but it’s always been inextricably linked to alcohol,” Kenny said of his tasteful bar end.

The glasses used are classic drinking glasses. It probably gives the illusion of being in a mainstream bar and helps people blend into a new type of bar. We got a lesson from this knowledgeable owner on how to make drinks and the chemistry of drink flavors.

The nicely decorated coffee bar has two rooms. The main room has a large stage on the right as you enter. A long curved bar with coffee choices on the left and a curved bar at the opposite end are set up like the traditional bar on the right.

There is also a standard ‘Draft Beer’ dispensing area behind the bar, all non-alcoholic.

The second room is the “alternative seating” area. A quiet room with comfortable chairs and sofas and a kids area. There is also a ready-to-use drum and piano setup.

There is a cooler with sodas etc in the retail area just outside the quiet room. There are other bargains.

The ambience of this establishment is strong, creating a social mood. It’s beautiful and has the feel of a bar you already know. The whole business is definitely a meeting place for friends to hang out. It centers around delicious concoctions made by the staff.

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